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What's next for battle harems?
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They're dead, Asterisk killed them.
isekai battle harem

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>This is a Japanese walking corpse who is also an accomplished Necromancy capable of fabricating gigantic magic walls and raising the dead.
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The dead isn't the only thing she's raising
So the bitch is a lich?
Rebuke Undead!
If you're a powerful sorcerer, why not use your magic to make yourself look less corpse-y? You can look like whatever you want to, when you're a wizard.

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Shoul I watch this? I've heard mixed opinions about this.
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Watch it or else you're a fagget
No. Don't ever watch anything again.

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What's she holding /a/?
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No way to tell since her hand is out of frame.
A save icon.

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Why were the top 3 espada so weak? Ulquiorra was destroying Bankai Ichigo without even releasing.

Harribel should have manhandled Histugaya.

Starrk should have been even stronger and crush all the other captains with his spirit pressure alone.
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Harribel wasn't in the top three, though.
Aizen was such a dick.

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SDF Macross.png
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what the fuck made them pick such a deep voice for some faggot looking nerd? why is the MC's voice actor so bad?
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Max is an alpha chad.
>faggot looking nerd
Nigger that's Max you're talking about.
>faggot nerd
If you're going to make to bait Macross fans at least make it less obvious.

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You can pick one and only one of these four.
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Pick Muse and you get Salama for free
Air desu
For what?

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What's the most anime thing that you've ever done or have been done to you
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run like a ninja
I've told the op, that he is a faggot, and that he should go to facebook to blog about his weaboo lifestyle.
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As a kid I would do the "tch" thing whenever I got upset or someone told me to do something.

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Anybody here play pic related
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Nah, what's it called, I wanna play it now
Please remove your name.
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>Anybody here play pic related
Plenty, actually:

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Are Shit.png
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Medaka or Rias
Which of the two is more shit than the other?
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Well both

Still I prefer to fuck Medaka.
Medaka has bullshit thinking and powers.
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They both give me an internal conflict.
On one hand I want to see them be tenderly loved by Zenchiki and Issei respectively. (Handholding, missionary position, mating press, leglocking, and tender kissing)
And on the other hand they also both give me a such a slutty vibe where I also want to see them happily gang-banged, group-bukake'd, and have cum drinking competitions.

They're sort of like pure sluts.
I really can't decide who I like more, maybe Rias just because she didn't go through the personality conflict that Medaka did.

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Reminder that Cracker would have bodied this whole jobber fodder family
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Why is it always a shitposter who makes the new thread? You didn't even put "one piece" in the OP.
I always noticed this but never gave it thought until now, there's always a shitpost in the OP. I don't think anyone who actually puts thought into One Piece posts would care much if a thread died and stayed dead.
Jesus, this is the weakest bait I'd seen in a very long time. Doflamingo alone can take him out. Put some effort the next time.

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>Cancerous character=Cancerous fans
I wont mind if she ends with Sanji.
Shit belongs together. They are both a gag characters anyway
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Real Thread was made First

You dont even have One piece in the title. Kill yourself. This one was made first too

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Why did he WANT to rape exactly? What was his motivation? All characters need to have a reason to do the things they do, no one simply does something on a whim, it's always linked to something. What was his philosophy of life? What was his endgame?
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Bound by the will of the D
He was a dead human brielfy reborn in flesh and generally wanted to do all the things of the flesh. Some of them wanted to eat, without really giving a shit as to what. This one just wanted to fuck.

And probably eat a bit later on, knowning Berserk, even if Farnese had been over seasned with salt.
What if he raped and ate everything on Earth? what would he have left to do? Would he begin to ponder existence?

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Show me a better design
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Every single other KyoAni anime.
Shit, I can't.
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>that same anon that makes a Shinka thread every day

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> http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
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karera at the top of the thread!

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