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Why are the girls in azuma kiyohiko's works all so sexual? It's like he isn't trying but the girls just come out so erotic .
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>he isn't trying

He wrote hentai stuff you know.
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>he isn't trying

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Why haven't you made your own manga yet Anon?
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I can't draw.
It would be difficult getting another artist to draw the character designs in my head onto paper.
I'm not japanese.

That's cultural appopriation.

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Fuck off, Darkness.
This thread is off to a good start, since you posted the real best girl and all. I'll contribute.
>inb4 megumene

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She truly didn't do a single thing wrong. Not one thing.

Good ending when? ;_;
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Also, post best girl.
Classic anime trope, best girl never wins
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Manami is the softest

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A month left. Holy fuck why is everything a sports anime

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Idol Memories
Okusama ga Sequel-taichou
3-Gatsu no Head-tilt

Flop Floppers
Girlish Number
Stella no Mahou
Fune wo Amu
i've given up on new anime

i'm catching up on my to-watch list over the past few decades

maybe after a few years there will be at least one or two shows worth watching...
>A month left
holy shit already? i've been slacking so hard this season

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This was shit. It was generic teleports behind you autistic shonenshit fighting with fugly character designs. Is the manga any better?
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Yes, its vastly different. BAA is good till the last few chapters. LO is okay for the first 3-4 volumes then the tournament just lasts too long and character personalities change hard. Mars Chronicles is kinda whatever right now
Never watched the OVA, but I thought the manga was quite good. However, stop reading after the "flower". The damn manga has been in Namek/Mars for almost 2 decades with no end in sight and now has FUCKING VAMPIRES.
If you hated it that much, I doubt you're gonna like the manga

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This is your beach partner for a day
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Loli scathach when
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Huh? Oh, sorry. I already have someone
Why is she wearing stockings and gloves in the beach? Never mind the fact that she's splashing in the water so they should be anything but black at this point and full of sand.

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The final chapter.

(I don't know if there should be a page before this, CR just gives me a blank page.)
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Hi /a/, what your favourite female character?
Pic related is mine
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My waifu
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Why do the zetsubous look so soft?
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It's pretty impressive considering how skinny they all are
because despair is the only way to save this world
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Despair is good for your skin

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Yes, please. Easily one of the best shows of 2013. But is there enough source material from the novel left?
The second novel (of 3) came out earlier this year, so it would adapt that one.

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Guys, I just got back from the 4chan boiler room. As you know, our board runs off the energy generated by smug anime girls. But we've almost run out. So post all your anime smugness or the board will crash in 2 hours.
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My favorite smug

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Episode 8 is out as of 2 minutes ago.
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Was there a thread last week? If there was, was everybody else annoyed that we had a recap episode after only 7 episodes? Shit was stupid as fuck.
At least it doesn't count as a full episode in the series itself.

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It's time.
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Still waiting, getting real tired of the waiting game

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Alright, so if I marathon all of Digimon in order to make it to the new movies, am I an absolute madman or will it actually be worth it?

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Just finished watching this.. I need emotional support now.
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Show not worth watching xD, go watch Hotaru no Haka
>opinions xd
Shitty drama.

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