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What's the appeal?
Tell me one good show and I prove you wrong. I'm serious I am not going to use any buzzwords.
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The Melancholy of Nagato Yuki-chan.

You can't. It's a masterpiece. KyoAni is the best.
K-On! was their peak. Now they're a poor man's Doga Kobo.
Sora no Woto

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Why isn't Goblin Slayer more respected with the other Silver ranks?
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Because it's an LN and LN protagonists must be hated by society for no reason so that they can defy society's expectations and rub their success in its face.
people hate min maxers for a reason
Because he spends all his time going after fodder.

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No zamasuposting allowed in this thread
do you think Toei is intentionally giving us meme worthy material every week?
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>his ssj2 is about equal to ssj3 goku
>with vegta's training he was able to keep up with zamasu and ssjr goku black
he just needs ssjb and he will be a monster.

Will we ever get a season 3 of this? I know it was popular in Japan but damn if any show has ever deserved another season it's this one.
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I meant to say wasn't not was
Japan has shit taste so why would a masterpiece get another season?
The manga is super popular. I don't know why the anime didn't do well.

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High content from the source material:
Brave Witches
Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume

Yuri content from the source material:
Long Riders!
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
Girlish Number
Stella no Mahou

Original anime with potential for high yuri content:
Shuumatsu no Izetta
Lostorage incited WIXOSS
Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars
ViVid Strike!
Flip Flappers
Soushin Shoujo Matoi
Idol Memories

Yuri content not involving the main characters:
Euphonium S2

Sequels to series with yuri content:
Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desu kara. 2
Teekyu 8

Yuri is back!
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feels good oniichan
I'm not really sure about girlish number and you forgot Show by Rock.
Yurifags are so thirsty they have literally no standards.

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What did he mean by this?
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Puck you fucking retard.
he knew how much of a shitter the fag cat was and told his bud
I see what you did there kek

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What are your thoughts on aki-sora?
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I dont uderstand why his twin fucked him as well...

Weird way to cope with jealousy.
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pic related

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Quick! Post the custest loli you can find!
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Thank you based mods for deleting the last thread
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I was going to post some sexy Needless loli, but oh well. This thread can have Testamenko-chan and a irregular reminder to read Needless for delicious loli.
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The facts that all the shitposting didn't get deleted and how the thread got deleted as soon as it hit 500 posts probably mean that the guy shitposting was a mod all along. Oh fucking wow.
Whatever, at least the feedback form is working again.

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Episode 23: Unscrupulous Sloth (悪辣なる怠惰)
Episode 24: Self Proclaimed Knight and Most Valuable Knight (自称騎士と最優の騎士)

All of the published LNs have been adapted, Vol9 comes out in Sept25 and the anime will end in Sept 19.

Will Betelgeuse's death in the LN be as great as the one in the WN?
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Third for Emilia-tan

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> http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
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Giorno waver.jpg
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Post dreamscope
What's a stand with a bad design but really great ability
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JJL 49 Clockwork COVER.jpg
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The Chapter covers are the best part.

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>2 years since he started his studio and no new projects announced

When will Yuasa announce a new series and show the amateurs at KyoAni how it's done?
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I just hope his next project can live up to Tatami Galaxy and Ping Pong.
What are you on about? He's got a new movie in the works.
He's been making a movie for over an year now, get with the times.

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Right where she belongs!
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Right, right where she belongs.
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Dont be baka

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Why are guns fired by EVAs the only somewhat effective firearms?
Why not just use them without EVAs?
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Because it required the entirety of Japan's power to be pumped into it to work
Because the Evangelions aren't there to defend the world from the Angels, they're there for SEELE's plans and their status as weapons is a side-benefit. But getting the military funding lets them appropriate resources for the crazy "merge everyone together into one super-being" plan, so they ruthlessly crush any other project for fighting the Angels. That's what happened with Jet Alone. In the case of your pic, that particle beam cannon was in fact originally designed for non-Evangelion use, but Misato pulled strings to have it transferred to NERV. They basically stole it, if I remember right they literally rip the roof off of the warehouse so that one of the Evas can grab it out of there.
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A regular gun also killed the angel on pic related.
And still later on the angels still evaded fire shots sometimes when they were targeted.
If they didnt give a fuck they would just get hit.

kiniro and yuru yuri suffer from the same problems, They never have any payoff. nothing ever happens. Does anyone know of a cute japanese schoolgirl yuri where the girls actually fall for each other and fuck?
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Why is Kyōko so shit? she ruined the whole episode.
You don't seem to realize that having lesbians in yuri anime goes against the whole point of having yuri anime.

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Is this the so-called Gap Moe?
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