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So what's the best power system? To me it comes down to Nen vs Stands. They are both way better than anything else I've seen.

>unlimited possibilities
>it's cool how everyone in HxH's world can learn to use it
>consistent, well thought out rules
>virtually asspull free
>allows for many types of battles

>amazing aesthetic
>look and sound fucking awesome in the anime
>also unlimited possibilities
>a lot of time the user has one broad power that can be used in unexpected and creative ways, like Crazy Diamond
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Compared to stands, I don't think Devil Fruits come close, but Oda has also been very creative at times with what initially sounds like a shitty power, but the user thought of really inventive ways to make it crazy good.

Take Doflamingo for example. String-string fruit, he uses his strings to stitch clones of himself and puppeteer them, he can puppeteer others, he can shoot them like arrows, he can latch onto shit like spiderman, he can fucking repair his organs with microscopic strings in the heat of battle allowing him to take incredible damage, he can use them as a cutting weapon, create a spiders web to act as a stronk as fuck shield, etc.

I'm pretty sure nobody realized the extent of utility that strings would provide.

There are also other such examples.

Luffy is made of rubber, alright so what?

- Rubber bands hurt, so alright I guess his punches make sense as to why they have such strong impact.
- Alright he can blow himself up to act as a cushion from a fall.
- Alright he can use that air in him afterwards to propel him towards enemies.
- ...he can pump air into his bloodstream to increase his heart rate and metabolism to increase his speed. Normally that would burst someone's heart, but since he's rubber, he could take it.
- Blow air into his bones to make limbs bigger to make giant punches.
- Blow air into his muscles to artificially steroid himself up.

Just two examples.
Haven't tackled OP, but that sounds dope
Those two are my favorite as well, Togashi's autistic attention to detail and Araki's insane creativity really make them great. I see nen as a more thorough and elaborate version of stands actually, since stands come with natural strengths and weaknesses while nen users actively decide their own.

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Immeldad is best dad. Looking for the perfect wife to give his son purpose in life.
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Posting the best girl.
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Why is Hoina such a cute?
>DAT Makina's autotune sound
Also God Bless You might be Freyja solo.

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ITT: manga masterpieces
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You can read it in one sitting too.
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Is the Golden Boy manga worth reading?
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If you liked the anime, no. It goes to utter shit near the end. You're better off not knowing what happens.
So it's even worse than the anime?

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>4 pages ago said the sword was just an added bonus
>literally no reason to postpone the fight
>postpones the fight anyway

Why is every fantasy manga just complete garbage when it comes to plot conveniences? What ever happened to letting the protagonist actually struggle instead of just throwing literally everything he needs at him.
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>fantasy manga

It's not a good fantasy if the story's premise is a reincarnator, which is all about self-insert masturbation.

Which is what this story is. So your expectations are WAY TOO high.
He's a time traveler though..

The first few chapters were actually not bad since it was about a fantasy hero dude resetting to before the demons invaded. But then it just became ez street "getting all the bitches and money and power fantasy garbage #43201".

Where's all the good fantasy at? It doesn't all need to be berserk but shit - at least make your protag try before gaining hero status.

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What anime can you enjoy for their soundtrack that aren't necessarily good otherwise? Gankutsuou doesn't count because its visual gimmick makes it worth the watch
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Tsukihime seems the obvious choice.

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Where were you when Shinkai Makoto became the Miyazaki Hayao of our time?
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Miyazaki movies are about living things, Shinkai movies are about backgrounds and cellphones.
Miyazaki actually makes art.
You don't win an oscar by making art.

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Fucking shady goy at it again
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How often do chapter get released?
Raw on Friday, translation on Monday.
No wonder why I am always behind. I forget to check their onedrive often enough.

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So, which of these is likely to start a family first?
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Holy sameface
Zuka, she probably has no job.
>draw a character
>change hairstyle and eye color

>slouches due to kawaii social awkwardness

I am in love with the frog
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Why does she outshine all of the other girls so easily?
Too bad Orihime's going to win. Can't beat jap authors' shit taste.
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she is so much better than anything else in the manga

her design is cute, but she also has realistic/cute personality quirks

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S3 when?
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How well did it sell anyway?
And would S3 even get to the kissing scene?
s3 never
Is the manga any good?

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After a few delays, finally, it's here.
In this chapter:
Piss sound effects
More piss sound effects
Some comedy
Galko (who I'm expecting to piss herself for some reason in about chapter 6)

Now maybe that one guy who posts in every scanlator thread asking when it's coming out will be happy. Here's to you, you mad piss-fetishist bastard.
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Its WAN WAN you baka
That was hot.
Is she mind-broken?

I assume the villain broke her and MC picked up the pieces.

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What did he mean by this? Is "meshi" a slur or something?
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Probably related to JK meshi.
messi is a soccer player

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What's your biggest fetish and did it originate from an anime or manga? Is it common within either?
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This shit right here is to blame.
Buttholes in general. Anilingus is my favorite though.
And no, you pretty much never see a drawn anus in anime or manga. Certainly not one being licked either.
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I don't think I have to elaborate any further
Not 3DPD. Never 3DPD

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