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It's out.

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Graylord's Commandment feels kinda plot driven.The 3 times murder was attepted in her presence,twice it was by other Commandments.

Would you hire this lazy maid?
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I'd hire her for something that just requires her to lay in bed.
I would marry that lazy maid
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>I'd hire her for something that just requires her to lay in bed.

Are you planning to sleep on the floor? How kind of you to let your tiny 1-man bed be used by a maid.

You can't marry your maid.

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> http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
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inb4 the unholy three

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Last ep was uninteresting.
What happened to the hype of episode 9?
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Is anyone even still watching this?
*clang noises*

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What's your favorite underrated series /a/?

Gash bell had a hard life

>Got a shitty anime adaption that didn't even cover the last arc of the manga
> The localization was utter trash and completely santized the series,
> The Mangaka had to get into a legal dispute over the original pages he made and more or less got blacklisted from it.
>if people remember it at all, they go "Isn't that a super kiddie pokemon ripoff?"

It deserved better
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>it's so underrated nobody wants to talk about it or even mention their favorite underrated series's

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but the mangakan's next manga is so bizarre that it puts araki to tears
Does Tsugumomo count as underrated? It has a dedicated fan base here but controversial in most other places. Hamada is great.
If it doesn't count, then I'll say anything by Abe Youichi, he's really great as well. I really wanna commission both someday

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Dumping the RAW first chapter of Mononote: Edo Shinobi Kagyou. From the author of that AKB49 trap manga.
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You hear it you lose.
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What lessens are you supposed to learn from this anime?
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If you're going to cheat on your girlfriend with your sister, keep it under control and don't fuck in places where you are bound to be found out sooner or later.
Don't stay on your front door when you are balls deep in your younger sister.
You can fuck anyone if you're cute.

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread >>146719093
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What did he mean by this?
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Look over here!
Why does he want you to look over here?

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ITT: The best character in their respective series.
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Why didn't he just use a sword for thrusting?

you only posted the 2nd best though

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What are we going to learn in the seventh volume?
All of this is still... In the most chaotic shambles.
That is... DOROHEDORO!

Volume 1: >>146433218
Volume 2: >>146482890
Volume 3: >>146525392
Volume 4: >>146566794
Volume 5: >>146614330
Volume 6: >>146660730

Official Soundtrack: https://mhzmusic2.bandcamp.com/album/dorohedoro-original-soundtrack
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Sorry about yesterday, I couldn't find the time.

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Kay is so amazing.
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It's the 5th, where are Ribbon Warrior preview pages?
I wonder if she knows every verse of the Star Spangled Banner

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The main character of the last anime you watched has been replaced by Terry Bogard.

Is it okay?
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