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This is a Japanese snake
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Cute snake! Would pet her 24/7/
Would rape and dump on the highway/10
I want to kiss that snake in a naughty place!

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Cocoa's nopan ass.
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I'd like some more kafuu chino.
Pink and creamy
My wife Chino and mistress Moka are so cute.

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ITT: Overrated Shit
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The manga was pretty good.
>changes pic because he was found out earlier
fuck you dude this shit is obvlsy too deep for you, your obvlsy too dense to get this sort of anime

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I'm incredibly intrigued by everything about it. And the fight scenes look amazing.Is it any good?
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One of the best this season.
Good, but not anime. It's all puppetry.
Oh shit. Am I gonna get banned?

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This is your date tonight.
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I'd rather date the ojiisan.
>It's a "let's pretend I'm lewd but I'm actually very pure" date
I'll pass.
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Can I have Fuwa or Anna instead?

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Why do women know how to design the best lolis?
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Because they're not creepy pedos
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>females cannot be pedos

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talk about how much the show fucking sucks and that its shit and you hate it a lot
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>fucking sucks

You're just salty Subaru picked Emilia over Rem
Hater's tears are delicious. Keep on hating. That just means Re:Zero is the best anime.

how about just don't talk about it, faggot

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>draw a girl
>say it's a boy

why is this allowed?
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Why is it a problem?
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isn't it gay?
Maybe. I don't know. I like anime girls too after all. Is that the only problem?

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You have only a moment to convince Gilgamesh that the current world is worth preserving.

What do you show him?
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Enkidu is not from current timeline.
my shota gil folder

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>finish your CS degree
>apply for a job
>see this

What would you do /a/?
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wonder what I'm doing in a gamedev shithole instead of working at an actual company
you mean

>finish high school
>apply for a job
>get a salaried job working for a professional company with no experience or knowledge

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Are we going to get a better fight than this?
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>tfw multiverse will never be canon
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Hell yeah.gif
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the hell is that from?

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>best girl is only in one episode eating at mcdonalds
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>best girl
>best girl gets a movie where she dies
>gets a background cameo afterwards in the series and never matters again
>Tanaka thread
Can it reach 10 replies?

Something came to mind today.
Anime '' patricians '' like to shill Logh as the absolute pinnacle of animu. But then I have to wonder, if it is so amazing, why don't /lit/fags shill the hell out of it? I mean, if it is great and very faithful to the source material this should be the case, right? A cult following at least?
Is it really just the anime version of Game of Thrones ? Something people like to say is deep and methodical but can be bland and boring with blatant 2d4u exposition being shoved down your throat?
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I haven't read the books so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I figure there could be a few reasons why /lit/ isn't all over it.

Reason one is that /lit/ is filled with a bunch of pretentious fucks who only read "classic" books like Ulysses, and if you ain't talking about that then you can get the fuck out. It's why they only have a single general for things like fantasy and sci-fi.

Reason two is that it's very possible that the book hasn't aged well, prose in a book and how it's translated to visual can be two different things

Reason three could also be that the visuals, the music, and the design choices really make LOGH stand out.

So it could be any number of those reasons, and none of them at all. Have you read the books by any chance?
>blatant 2d4u exposition

If anything in LOTGH is too "deep" for you, you are a braindead retard with a 5 second attention span.
The deepest I've gone was having two terms of Sociology and I couldn't bring myself to watch this for very long.
I liked the episode on that farming planet with the soldiers and the militia being at odds with each other that happened early on,

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What would have happened if Shinji actually fucked off forever one of the times he said he was going to fuck off forever?

Asuka shows up at the same time she does normally.
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nothing lol
I don't know, senpai, you tell me.
Angel world.

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>all the strengths of traditional Vampires
>none of the weaknesses

Does it piss anyone else off when you see Vampires walking in fucking sunlight?

>b-but every single Vampires has enchanted jewelry!

I want to strangle the author
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>Does it piss anyone else off when you see Vampires walking in fucking sunlight?
Nope, because I can't really understand why it should hurt them at all, except through some divine power.
If you don't have priests with supernatural abilities in your story (and thus no apparent God), what's so special about the sun?
because Vampires are supposed to be extremely allergic to ultraviolet rays
So they're using sunscreen.

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