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Kiro on the front page!
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Mitsu a dorable!
Twins are cute CUTE!
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My fucking dick

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>draw a boy
>call it a girl
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Tomboys are terrible.
That doesn't apply to what OP said at all.
Reminder that tomboy =/= reversed trap

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>"I havent watched it yet because the characters/art look kinda weird"
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is it not okay to enjoy things selectively based on a personal preference?
No you have to conform to /a/'s standards.
its not

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What do you think of Konosuba?
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My wife Megumin looks so cute in it.
How much do these whores charge for their services?
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Version without "SAMPLE" when?

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Reminder not to post spoilers.

Let's follow the story of a young boy named Seiya and his friends in a world where Greek gods rule the universe. Struggle, friendship, family, rivalries, BATTLES and lots of blood awaits them in this classic manga that inspired and still continues to inspire generations of mangaka!


So this is the beginning of the end

Volume 1 >>145382257
Volume 2 >>145430404
Volume 3 >>145478783
Volume 4 >>145515571
Volume 5 >>145569343
Volume 6 >>145621448
Volume 7 >>145667044
Volume 8 >>145717135
Volume 9 >>145767905
Volume 10 >>145823118
Volume 11 >>145878958
Volume 12 >>145932889
Volume 13 >>145986243
Volume 14 >>146041287
Volume 15 >>146093563
Volume 16 >>146142714
Volume 17 >>146188816
Volume 18 >>146280806
Volume 19 >>146329252
Volume 20 >>146391785
Volume 21 >>146439911
Volume 22 >>146489747
Volume 23 >>146532353
Volume 24 >>146576168
Volume 25 >>146618148
Volume 26 >>146663509
Volume 27 >>146722433
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Saint Seiya pastebin, courtesy of anon: http://pastebin.com/vmYRvpXN
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how's Ginko allowed to loiter all around Japan without the Shogunate arresting him?
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He's not doing anything wrong, why would they arrest him?
he's not a retainer of any feudal lord, therefore his movements are restricted
Are you sure Mushishi isn't set post Edo period?

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>you made yotsuba sad and she's about to cry

How do you defend yourself?
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Gouge her eyes out before she starts crying.
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I don't. I drop her screaming ass off into the ghetto where the niggers can straighten her out.

So he just shoots fire? thats kinda boring
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Fire is always the least useful power for a shounen character because they can't hit anything without slowly and painfully burning somebody to death which doesn't look very heroic.
Madoka for best dragon waifu
I don't know about this series, but the best powers are always the simplest ones applied in the most creative ways.

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White gloves are sexy.
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QUALITY code. Reminder that the animation is draggin this show down big time.
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What do you mean, anon? The animation is perfectly fine.
Looks like they're gonna re-air the "fixed" version of episodes 1-8 on niconino.

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Double Moon Showah! What do you want to see in today's episode?
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Nene was a mistake
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Respectfully disagree.
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qt nene.png
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I want to see moar nene

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I didnt like the rape scene either but I still kept on watching. The series made me cry so much.

TL;DR for people who haven't watched Vaveralrepe
basically, from what i remember most of the main cast gets a sort of "vampire" like curse that feeds off energy of some sort, this energy also allows the mechs like valvrave to be piloted (correct me if i'm wrong anyone).

But the MC loses control and sort of rapes his friend because he was low on this energy or some shit, he wasn't in control of his actions but the next day i believe he apologizes and even tries to propose to the girl to sort of make up for it.
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>I didnt like the rape scene
Stopped reading, you must be some kind of faggot.
The fuck is this thread
A copypaste from somewhere else, I hope. E.g. last few lines of some MAL review/forum thread.

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Was he one of the coolest/funniest side characters?
Which side characters were your favourite?
Also what happened to the last bount?
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Side characters
>milf hunter
>soi fon
>shun shun rikku
>shark tits

Only anime filler stuff i thought was neat concepts were the bounto in the dolls and some of the zanpaktou.

May kubo and his shitty editor never work in manga again. He doesn't deserve it after this trainwreck and im glad it got lower and lower in popularity and his hubris was his downfall
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You're list is literally to gay my friend.
I'm only on the Arrancar arc sooo. I like Zaraki tho

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Post good manga which doesn't need anime adaptation
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>farmland saga
Historie > Farmland Berserk
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Yep, and art style is on the high level

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Yeah, the shape of Donovan's dick in Guts' ass is nothing to be ashamed of
we got a good berserk anime way back

people whining resulted in all the shit adaptations
>Guts is a meme nowdays


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I would do things to her if she was my sister, you wouldn't wanna know.

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you mean her? i don't understand, seems like perfect height to me. unless you mean one of the beatles

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