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Partial spoilers out.
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BRA a best.
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Oh yeah, Grisha a whore. Used goods. Man slut. Zeke is Eren's haffu onii-san.
Goodnight Sweet Commander Handsome.
You'll always live in our hearts.

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Dumping c118 raw.
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What is the best way to read manga? With music or in complete silence? What kind of music do you listen to while reading, do you think it detracts from the experience?
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I always listen to mushi shis ost
Music + dark room
Fantasy, dramatic stuff without lyrics
With the physical volumes in hand in a comfy bed with some tea at your side

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It's Sakurako's birthday! Let us pay tribute to everyone's favorite girl.
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What is it about bratty girls that makes them so lovable? I just want to give in to their demands.
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Secret Flowers 10 was translated recently for anyone who missed it

They finally got to a real sex scene after the long way after the initial one
It's been a while. I think the last one I read was 7. Did they ever make more of Akari/Chinatsu?

> No new episode for 2 weeks

> Next episode will be a 1 hour special covering the entire final Naruto v Sasuke fight

> It's fucking black and white

What is Studio Pierrot doing? Are they doing a manga-style episode?

Should they really be experimental during the final fight?
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Sounds like a masterpiece in the making
At least it means they are putting some effort in it.
That's cool, but I wish it was in color all the same.

The final fight from Naruto was pretty great, hope this one is similarly good.

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Terra ForMars 194
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[ ] Do you think is for creative issues? (They just can't write fantasy)

[ ] Do you thin is for corporate issues? (Editors won't let authors be creative)
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Same problem with every other japanese writer : no culture, limited social experience.
It's a bad genre.
Go away /tg/.

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Compress an image of a character to 10-12 pixels wide/tall, then expand the image back to its original size. Other people guess what character it is. Starting off:
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Cute smile
Retard, i really hope you're not a redditshitter

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How does it make you feel that these 2 are the next ones to join the crew?
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fking happy
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never ever

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tfw Kill la Kill saved anime from moeshit
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Why is moe still alive?
But Kill la kill was moeshit. Nobody actually likes kill la kill's action people only like the waifus. The action was pretty awful honestly.
>kill la kill saved anime from moe
>by being normie/10

Sure thing Anon, I bet you like Naruto also.

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Thank you. Hope it'll help me ! He's one of the best. Isayama Hajime should watch it.
So you draw? Got any examples?
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Good Night JoJo!

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What would you do if you could turn into a female 2D character of your choice? Who would it be?
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Some slut with a bottomless asshole.
a slut with big tits and even bigger vaggoo. I would go on a quest to find the biggest most satisfying penis to fill my anime hole.

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Can we have one?
Do you believe that a crossover is good when you can combine anything and make it work or just combine the ones that make sense and make it work?
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is that pic from that one fanfic from spacebattles?
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This one works because Raildex' 4th manga is an idol spinoff.
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No, it's from an actual fanbook. Only first two chapters were uploaded and the first one was translated.

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So, I've gone through Kodomo no Jikan, Lotte no Omocha, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Prism Illia, Bakekano, Vivid, Chokotto Sister, and Mujaki no Rakuen.

Are there any other good manga for loli enthusiasts?
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Alright, That's all I needed to know. Thanks!

Holy grail of loli

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