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Who, in your personal opinion, is the rubesty girl?
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rapeable idol.jpg
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You can rape this idol for free!
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It's too late, now I actually want to dote on her more than rape her.

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Volume 10 release date of November 7th.
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Are these hips too thin to bear children?
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well, she is tight. D in her would feel pretty good.. instant cuming.
>Pantyhose is my weakness. Anyone feels the same?
Needs more meat for childbearing that being said, she'd make for great zechs.

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What did he mean by this?
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"hurr durr"
Why do KyoAni hate futons?

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CrYZXs2UMAAyskh.jpg large.jpg
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It's Tamamo Tuesday everyone!
Have you praised your goddess this week?
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Final cast for Extella is revealed

Atilla the Hun
Li Shuwen
Lu Bu
Elizabeth Bathony
Jeanne of Arc
How do you know?
Which one is the last remaining member of Tamamo team?
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To aru Full-Cast.jpg
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>Please understand that this is an unofficial statement. I am always receiving everyone's passionate opinions on this. Index anime [season 3] is plausible, so please wait!!
Fuck you Miki.
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maybe they no need to make anime when the comic and books are selling
Given how someone retired, it just wouldn't be the same, even if they did make Index 3.

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Despair in a couple days. 16 and Chiaki dies this week.
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Posting best girl
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wads goin on xD.png
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Fuck off with your canon slut and fatty fucker.
She's galko level of coalburning
Place your bets, who is going to survive the encounter with Munakata aside from Naegi?

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HxHfags on suicide watch
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Will they even recover?
are you sure about that?
But HxHfags aren't clever anyway so what's the problem again?

If Ram had a sister, what would she be like?
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If OP was straight what would he be like?
>red oni and blue oni
I guess she'd have blue hair. Hopefully bigger tits, too.

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One piece best girl thread?
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OK I guess I'll start.
Fuck, I just want one girl to not have gross cow tits.
Her eyes and nose look retarded

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I can't do it, /a/. I can't watch old shows, DVDs just look too terrible.
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lil bitch
I can't too. It's to hard to leave my comfort zone, I just give up.
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you're both little bitches.

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No thread? Vol 12 just got translated
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It was pretty great actually.
Oh shit. I've been waiting on this. I've been wanting to read Izayoi vs You's crazy fight for so long.
Definitely a a great fight.

File: bleach turned to shit.jpg (749KB, 1200x1238px)Image search: [Google]
bleach turned to shit.jpg
749KB, 1200x1238px
Now that the dust has settled I think we can all agree that this manga turned into an utter pile of shite at some point. Just a waste of everyone's time quite frankly.

Has there ever been another series with such a disparity in quality from how it started to how it ended?
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Shit has setteld you faggot! I'm still fucking pissed! I wanna see some goddamn Bankais!
Is the last volume released? Did Kubo add something to it?
poems? drawings? anything?
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45KB, 348x294px
I can't believe Ichigo and Orihime's 6-year-old son killed what was left of the last main villain by touching his Reiatsu.

Jokes aside, what actually happened to Yhwach?

Continuing my dump of Gash bell.

Gash bell is a Shonen action/comedy series by Makoto Raiku. The basic plot premise is that there are 100 kids from the demon world who come into the normal world to fight until only 1 is left standing, who is crowned king;

I'll be making a thread every day (Usually around 5pm est, but this week i'm on a wonky schedule) and will post 1 volume every day until the whole run is posted.

Previous threads:
Volume 1: >>146776390
262 posts and 197 images submitted.

Please refrain from making lengthy posts till I finish the volume in each thread, and don't post images at all till then, so the image limit isn't hit till i'm done.


>Why should I be interested?
It has really fantastic art, good humor, great tactical fight's with great choreography and is really excellent at utilizing both positive and negative emotions for FEELS; but admittedly is a little rough for the first few volumes before the above really shines.

>Where are your scans from?
NULL's release. their site is here: http://www.n-u-l-l.net/ and they can also be found on bato.to and mangasaurus. EBJ has superior digital volumes for sale on their site, but they are japanese only, I'll be buying and ripping them eventually. There's also some really amazing quality Portuguese scans, but only for like 20 chapters halfway into the series, and, you know, aren't in english

>Isn't Zatch bell that kiddy pokemon ripoff?
You probably saw the localized anime. The anime is pretty not great, and the localization is fucking terrible. The manga is way better, but even it admittedly starts out only above average untill it gets into the second arc.

File: Sekkou-Boys-artwork.jpg (103KB, 599x836px)Image search: [Google]
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who is your favorite member of The Rockies?
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They're a bit hard to get into, really. The static presentation and chiselled features weigh on you.
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