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This whacko is 71 years old today.
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ITT: Characters that you can beat up in a fight
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you're mom lol
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>B-Project vol. 1 sells 13,321 (8,154 DVDs)

The age of idols is upon us if you had any doubt, enjoy.
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This show is so shit, why couldn't the fujos flock over to Cheer Boys or Days?
They only bought it for the ticket, they want to see their idols irl.
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Meanwhile, LL is sitting pretty at 6x that amount. For 3 seasons straight

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>alien species that evolved hundreds of lightyears away
>still evolved to be genetically similar with humans that they can still make babies with them

Why does this trope exist?
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Humans and aliens might not be so different after all :^)
Because anime studios don't hire biologists and astrophysicists as consultant.
Realistically, certain elements of anatomy may be universal simply because they're practical. For example we have evolved to stand upright so that our hands are free to hold and manipulate objects.

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Would they have gotten off fairly easily if they just went to the police?
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I have no idea how strict or lenient Japanese criminal justice system, so I dunno. But even if they did get away with it, they'd probably find another way to fuck up and be miserable anyway.
A good Aiko is a dead Aiko
Aiko was a crazy bitch
Punpun should've killed her in the woods

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Anime that got a official hentai.

I'll start :
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That shit could happen?
>they canceled the charlotte one.
Pisses me off.
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Dat gangbang scene is the one of the best hentai animation ever (considering the hentai itself is very high budget)

Too bad it was only 2 minutes of sex scene each episode though.

Kimi no Na ha. (your name)
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Once the location is also happened the day that there are two men and women that do not know each other a different living had changed suddenly put

Turnover is often occur each other I do once return begins to a lot of action in order to get to know each other
Suddenly not occur is replaced by the time But that each other was able to some extent understanding

Those of a man who has become lonely is to go to meet those of the woman based on the memory of the turnover of the past
So And then actually city woman live in a meteorite in three years ago was a city that was the deaths of hundreds of people fell

There was also the name of the woman in the victim's roster at Son
That woman who was turnover'm a thing that it was already dead humans

Happen but turnover also stored in the man who fell into that good convenient
As a result, it was possible to succeed the successful evacuation plan that you do not die in the meteorite communicate this fact to the woman before the last of the die

And when the time of five years two people flow was reunion "(as the name after the subsequent) is your name ..." and end happy ending to say
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Not bad. It started off pretty good but slowly got boringer and boringer until it ended boringly.

And no one learned anything. "Oh, I can't refuse those eyes" said that bitch.

Did they not clue in that alchemy literally fucked up their whole lives?
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Oh, that's a brotherhood picture, but that's not the one I watched. And I probably won't bother delving any further into that world. Don't even care about the movie.
But brotherhood is actually good
Read the manga newfag

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I found a manga.
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>went into pic related mostly blind
>did not get what I expected
>want to kill myself now
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You'll feel worse when you see how madoka threads go.
Dedicated namefags that have been at it for years
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watch the nightmagi cometh and avoid the rebellion movie if it's not too late, it shits all over the series/characters. (Heel face turns galore)
>expect something great
>it's actually total shit
>wasted 4 hours of my shit life
>watch the 3rd movie
>it manages to be worse than the series

I know that feel.

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First for Joseph best JoJo
How doCrimson work?
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Would you watch it?

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I knew it was coming before I started reading, but that doesn't make it hurt any less.
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onee-chan best girl
and might not make it
>Kiriha eventually comes back, but in the form of dozens of tiny Kirihas.
My bet is she will turn really old

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What's your favourite Japanese phrase you got from anime, and why is it 'Ware Ware wa'?
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>Implying wagamama isn't the best Japanese word

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What did /a/ think of Koufuku Graffiti?

You like watching cute girls eat food right?

Kirin is best girl.
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It was AOTS of its season.
That isn't really saying much.
It aired alongside Isuca.
it's alright i suppose

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Is there anything worse than Fate secondaries?
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Fate primaries? I mean seriously, are you proud to have read that drivel?
Exhibit A
jojo secondaries like you

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