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Episode 123: The Glorious Machine Dragon
Asuka fights against Yuri by herself. The outcome of the battle between the two, both students of the Academia, will be

More spoilers when?
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>tfw it's probably not ryo
>tfw it's probably not even Andy Click
>tfw it's Asuka summoning an abomination Cyber Angel Dragon
Let it die.
>The Glorious Machine Dragon
It is Andy Click.

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Luluco chan is a CUTE GIRL!
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I want to cum inside Luluco.

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I want to see those anime tiddies.
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I'll turn you into a loli for 10,000 retweets.
>social media
I made an account just so I don't have to click reveal spoiler every time I'm browsing through h-artists' drawings

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What's his end game?
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Get his body back from the Millennium Falcon.
he just wants to protect his retarded mother :3
I've been on over a million Berserk threads and I have never seen the legend Charlotte tells Guts and Co. mentioned, its really obvious that Griffith end game is killing both the idea of Evil and the Angels.

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Why is Monaka so much superior to Junko?
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top qt
I want Despair arc to explain every single detail regarding who tried to have Junko's child. I will forgive everything else if this is answered
It won't.

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There should be a JJBA card game
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thirty thieves and the thunder chief
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Nutman checks em.jpg
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In retrospect,

she was best mom, wasn't she
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She makes my dick hard, if that's what you mean.
She gave birth to the miracle of the universe that is Tomoko. She is basically the only mom that has ever mattered in anime and manga.

I wonder what her name is.
Yes she best best mom in anime and manga.

Okay, I've only got one question.

What the FUCK did I just watch?
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Looks like shit whatever it is. Should have watched the K-On movie.
When exactly does this good?
What's the deal with that horrendous filter, looks like utter shit

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Also for those that missed it
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>we'll never see an alpha kanye take sento on a date then take her home to make a baby
Thanks KyoAni for being the shittiest studio.

>Still no Tari Tari continuaion
At least we got the OVA, /a/ sings Kokoro no Senritsu when?
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PA Works doesn't do S2s.

>it's been four years since it aired

A shame though, so much they could exploit, even a movie would be good of them visiting Sawa overseas or something.
This anime had an outstanding soundtrack.

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happier days 2x.png
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Martyrs is nearly here, where the fuck is the trailer Kouki?

TE spoiler guy translated some new stuff from Comic Market:
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What would you do? Would you pull the trigger?
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>confused ara

But no I wouldn't. Don't think Lise would like that.
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I was terrified this would happen. Right now it looks like only one theater has been confirmed for US release.
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It doesn't matter, they ruined the movie.
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Only a huge fucking weeb fuck would be terrified by this news.
It will be in other theaters. It's just the premiere that's exclusive.

>Please make sure this goes to AkibaFest.com's website

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The merchandising department is based as fuck
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Remember to vote if you haven't already
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Literally made for breeding

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How hard would you an Ume?
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As hard as she'd let me.

Then...when she isn't expecting it...

I don't like the anime design.
fuck off

Is S2 happening?
This was a fucking good adaptation, better than the manga most of the time
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>12 episodes of Namek and bear hunting
You really don't want a second season
At least Meiko is finally back
It's completely Hiramoto's fault, he shot himself in the foot.
The chivalry battle arc could be easily condensed in three-four very fast paced episodes and leave room for the rest.
If the next arc is not good we can say goodbye to any chance of a second season
Anime rushed a lot of chapters.

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