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Why is this man struggling with high school problems when he graduated university?
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I tried teaching my brother math that I did just a year ago after completing a semester. I remembered nothing.
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>math is used in the real world
you must be 18 to post here
>Implying anyone who is almost 10 years out of school can remember any kind of math problems.

What's your anime ringtone, /a/?
And do you mind if your phone rings in public, revealing your powerlevel?
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Do people really still do that?
Why is she sitting like that?
Old people do, so I'd imagine that most people that reply seriously ITT are late 20s/early 30s that are finally starting to become disconnected from modern trends.

Fat faceless old men get out you're not cool

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Akame ga Kill is the worst shonen series, maybe even manga, ever made prove me wrong. Pro-tip: you can't.
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Is it finished yet?
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What's worse is it could've been a hell of a lot better than what we ended up with, everything feels like a complete draft from start to finish and there's not even enough time to care about characters Takahiro kills off too quickly. The entire thing basically felt like an edgy version of Mistborn when you think about it.

Leone and Esdeath tied for best girls.
>Lazy character design
>Fucking awful villains
>Probably the most uninspired ability system of any shounen I've ever read
>Atrocious writing
>Twists that can be seen from 10 miles away
>That shit tier and sameface art

I'll never understand how MAL liked that shit. The worst of fanfic tier garbage.

Chimame album soon!
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My wife Chino is so cute.
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Chino is MY wife. Not yours.
Why do you have a picture of my wife in her swimsuit?

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͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏͏ ͏
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Which Shounen series handled villains the best?
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Hunter x Hunter, this is an objective truth
this is the best shonen villain
Ruroni Kenshin

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why is she so cute?
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Movie was disappointed imho. Not worth the hype or the weight.

Why break up the movie into two parts when the first part was a chore to get through?
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I don't know. All her forms are amazing. How did they do it?
>loli version gets tons of fanart
>barely adult / teenage

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Was this the peak moment of anime history? Will anime ever be able to reach anywhere near to this?
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My little anon cannot be this serious.

uhhh, one punch man exists so no

Gives me chills every time.

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What series has the protagonist go from the most powerful being in the Universe ready to challenge god's laws to a balding 28 year old loser who still lives with his dad?
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one piece
>living with your parent(s)
>a bad thing
He doesn't live with his dad. He might work in the clinic, but he no longer lives there. Orihime and Ichigo are visiting Karin and Yuzu, evident in how Yuzu now has Ichigo's room.

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Monday is habbening time everyone.
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Give up anon, they will never show the island again
god I want to see Despair Gundham so much
Reminder that class 77 would have never agreed to the NWP without the Junko plan. Based Izuru.

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Reminder that Hopeman caused 9/11
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I want to fix her and marry her

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Everything went better than expected.

Subs soon.
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>our life as school idoru begins here and now, let's start over our love raibu no monogatari from zero!
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Will we ever see Juzo's LOYALTY again?
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Words spoken like a true man.
He will fuck Despair Chisa and NTR Munakata.
Is that LOYALTY?
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"Name the third one Junko? Naegi, that's a little..."

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Say something nice about this child.

But not too nice or she will blush.
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How hard will You break tomorrow?
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She's the sexiest raibu, out of both Aqours and µ's combined.

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Jojo Thread

Cryin' Diamond Edition

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Gappy makes me happy
does kosaku show up in the crowd at the end of today's episode?
>you literally just said you could fix me what are you talking about
>what's a crazy diamond
>you mean that pink floyd shit
>what's that got to do with fixing me which I remind you you said you could do
>so how about it

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