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This wasn't a bad way to spend roughly 5 hours. I thought the entirely ground-based mech battles were actually well done, and enjoyed seeing a focus on melee combat rather than ranged warfare.

The story suffered a bit as the episodes went on, it seemed they crammed a lot into less than 6 hours.

But the concept for the series is actually pretty solid. I glanced at the manga, but it's not really doing it for me. For some reason I just can't get into mech battles that aren't animated. The mechs look clunky, and just a bit shitty in black and white.

Hopefully once the manga gets farther along, they give this a proper adaptation or a new series of movies.
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They could have given it a S2 instead of re-running the first. After that I don't think it will get another shot.
Just read the manga senpai.
>Hopefully once the manga gets farther along
haha, no
was hodr a cuckold?

Reigen being the most based character, even when he's not even in the episode.
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I don't understand. I hate this little shit but I'm hyped about seeing him next episode.
Solid 10/10 preview

I would like to ______ Maki.
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purge, from /g/.


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Are you guys ready for SM in Fall?
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Not before the BD
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Why would anyone keep watching ashy-boy? If there was any hope Pokémon would change, it was shattered in Kalos' league.

I bet they'll replace Serena too.
>I bet they'll replace Serena too.
Thank god for that

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Hey miss, wanna ss?
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I'm really disapointed with the lack of quality /ss/ material that I find. There's a billion things of old guys with lolis, why not the reverse?
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Queen's Blade was good.

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Kazuma is amused.png
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Kazuma can start this thread.
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start and end considering he's the only good one.
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Fuck off. He was a cuck and was beta as hell.

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There is literally nothing wrong with being an elf.
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You don't get to apply for pension no matter how old you become.
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orc vs elf.png
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sauce please?

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Hot damn, there are people who still remember this?
File: 2016-09-06 13.03.47.jpg (2MB, 1944x2592px)Image search: [Google]
2016-09-06 13.03.47.jpg
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i dont remember shit
literally just found this today in my aunts attic

You're not as mature as you act, /a/.
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I want to _____ nenecchi!
I like Nene.
Sakura-san, what are you doing on /a/?

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Let's settle this, who is the undisputed best leader?
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The one that got her group 1st place at Love Live.
The one that isn't trying to force drama

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Well folks desuarchive is down again. I know this isn't strictly anime/manga related but it is a matter of some importance that concerns many of you and /qa/ is a terrible place to discuss anything.

I really wish this board had a reliable archive like 4plebs for a change that won't lose images, fail to archive certain posts or bug up every month. And I think it is maybe because the archives we've had since Foolz died have all tried to host multiple boards.

I reckon /a/ is big enough for its own archive. In fact I think it is the largest/fastest board on 4chan that has an archive (correct me if I'm wrong), or it's certainly up there. An /a/-only archive will be easier to maintain I'm sure and probably better for the servers of whichver anon does it. What do you all think
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People will screenshot anything that's good. We don't need an archive

This and with the constant general mentality now what's there to miss?

I'm learning more about starting my own server though in case i ever want a personal archive of /a/, /jp/, and /vr/ though.
>what's there to miss
Manga translations.

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Why is this so good.

Nobody told me this would be this good.
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Did I just accidentally violate something? OPM is a cool series.

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What the fuck is this?
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Batoto is going legal.

Better pack your things up.
They're meant for you homo
>Batoto is going legal.
Well shit.

We can all agree that best girl is megumi right?
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Depends on which girl you mean by "Megumi".
We can also agree that Eriri is shit.


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Sadpanda thread.

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does anyone have table of contents for these magazines
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Here's something.
Anyone have the link/name of he one about a body's was between a lesbian and another girl I think? I saw it posted a few days ago and meant to check it out but the thread 404d. Here's some loli for your time: https://exhentai.org/g/974172/5612b54a35/

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