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So which is the best couple here?
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My dick and your mom.
certianly the one with actual development and that isnt boring? And has personality?

How is this thread even a thing?

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Find a flaw
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It looses steam after L dies.
The first E is mirrored, the A and the two T-s are flipped. Other than that, it's nice.
There were none. After I finished the series I stopped watching anime and reading manga for good. Nothing can top it and nothing ever will. I just come here to make sure you sad sacks remember the perfection that was Death Note.

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Yesterday was Go Nagai's birthday so I thought I'd storytime Mao Dante. This manga was essentially proto-Devilman. Check the other thread for Devilman storytime.

>The great demon Mao Dante, exploiting the weakness of a boy exposed to his demonic influence in his dreams, is awakened from a thousand-year sleep. The intent of this being, a survivor of an ancient and forgotten civilization, is to wipe out the whole human race.
But it's not that simple: the motivations of the demon aren't so wicked as one might think, and they will combine with the life of the boy, which hangs between nightmares and craziness. In the meanwhile, the Satanists fight against the hierarchy of the church to obtain a justice which is, as it's easy to guess, that of the demon Mao.

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Furthermore, the manga never had a proper ending (due to magazine cancellation), but it had manga remakes that weren't scanlated, and an anime which also has an ending (but it's barely an anime, more like a slideshow due to the crappy budget)
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Who will you choose?

I choose Yamada, She's quite cute, attractive and she'll hop on my dick to get my attention.
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>nobody will ever look at you the same way Nagito looks at Izuru
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I want to marry her and make her feel hope
>Marry her
>Get killed for despair
You didn't think this through.

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ITT: Post the first anime character that you masturbated to.

Pic related.
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It was that quick 2 seconds of bare breasts when Julia takes off her dress in the Fist of the North Star movie.

Why was there such a big shitstorm again?
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Self-insertion and memes
Episode 25 of Re Zero
People think girls should only marry people who were nice to them ten years ago.

ITT: shows better than Neon Genesis Evangelion
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Sorry, I don't have enough Naruto images for this thread.
K-ON is better than Evangelion, but that's because it's really good.

>Be me
>Writing a Ranma 1/2 fic
>a character insults Tatewaki Kuno by saying
"You're LITERALLY a thundering moron."

Because it's supposed to be in Japanese, I'm not sure how to translate the joke so it has the same impact as in English, as using Google-Fu to look up "thundering" and combining it with "moron/baka" probably won't work very well.

Please halp?
>Those who don't know: pic related is a dumb as bricks, egomaniacal samurai-wannabe who calls himself, "The Blue Thunder." hence the joke.
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Are you a 14 year-old girl?
We all are anon, what a silly question.
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Are there really people on /a/ who haven't watched the entirety of Ranma?

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Previous thread: >>146831286
Dumping Volume 2 (and what's left of volume 1) of the Devilman manga.
Please try to avoid posting images while the dump is ongoing since the volumes barely fit in one thread.
Also keep in mind that there are people experiencing for the first time the Devilman saga so try to mark everything that could be a spoiler, thank you!
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Just a reminder but please remember to bump the thread if it needed, thank you!

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Why is Ferris the best knight?
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Because he is best knight.

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Why is Emilia so shit? She ruined the whole episode!

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>tfw Gotou says he never wants to see his face again and he starts apologizing then runs away

This damn show...
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Just a couple of faggots.
I love Hazama! He's cute! CUTE!!!

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

前のbanginスレ: >>146811943
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You fucker
Which thread do I post in??
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dumb eva poster
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Did she die?

Anyone who didn't die before third impact is in tang

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Waiting for raws.
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Annie is love
Annie is life
Annie is everything to me
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
LM soon.
Armin a putrid shit.

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