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She's not dead. Don't worry.
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>this denial
The strawberry seed couldn't show her face a fourth time.

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Posting the best girl.
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Kumo is cute

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Why aren't more people watching 91 Days?
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"It's not a chuuni highschool reincarnation harem, therefore it's shit." -- /a/
>they behave like anime characters instead of mobsters so I'll go back to watching new game
This is basically /a/'s stance on this

Personally, I have a lot of fun with the show
So, will he finally show up next episode?

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generic male protagonist 3.png
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why is it acceptable for 90% of anime characters to look the same?
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Because you're staring at the fucking girls.
To help self insert so you can stare at the girls better
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then why do all the girls look the same?

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>it's ok dad leave black to me
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Gohan's already an adult in DBZ Super, hell he's already with Videl and she's already pregnant with Pan.

It's too late for Gohan to be relevant, he's been turned into a business normie. Also he probably has gotten pretty weak since he gave up fighting, he hasn't trained in years either. Unless they gave him some kind of super advanced training like an advanced form the hyperbolic timechamber then there's no way he'd unlock that form, or surpass Vegeta and Goku.

That's fanfiction tier if I ever saw it.
>it's okay dad leave getting blacked to me
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Has there ever been a more stylish anime?

Music, Art style, action, nazi vampires. It`s so fucking perfect.


Any similar suggestions?
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Mob psycho
God will send a demon to torment you every moment of your life
Is Anderson /our guy/?

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Why is _________ so cute?
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fill in the blank
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betelguese fingers.jpg
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because he's crazy
Because shes the best

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>tfw full anime never
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Devilman has three threads!
feels good
Is Go Nagai's birthday, is the least he deserves.

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Who is the best BroJo and why is it Speedwagon?
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giorno mary sue.png
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>so his name is Giorno Giovanna he is a JoJo but he is different because it's spelled GioGio also he is 15yo and the youngest JoJo and he is the son of Dio and is the only son who isn't retarded and also is a Joestar and he was born japanese but he moved to italy and his hair changed color and everybody likes him and his stand is golden and he can punch and say muda and also create life and also you can't hit what he creates or else you will be hurt too and also he can punch you and make you feel pain super slowly and also he can heal anything even himself and also he is chosen by the stand arrow and can reset literally every power and he wants to become a gangstar and he will and he is the boss
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>Not Gyro
>caring this much about making sure people know you're one of the Cool Guyz with Good Taste

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Thoughts on Punchline?
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It wasn't perfect but I loved it while it was airing. All girls are top cute.
it got pretty good towards the end
It greatly follows MAPPA'S now iconic trend of 'great animation, shit everything else'

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Why is he so damn likable?
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He's only likeable when he's bantering with Meebo.
because he's a cute nerd.
Most sheepfuckers from secluded country places are alright.

Would you watch a TTGL OVA produced by TRIGGER in 2017? Because you're getting a TTGL OVA produced by TRIGGER in 2017.
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I have a bad feeling about this.
Fuck no.
Citation if you don't mind.

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So was it a worthy TV series for Lupin?
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It was pretty shit.
My only issue with the second season was how retarded the Da Vinci plotline got and the literal deification of Lupin alongside Da Vinci.
It was pretty good. I just wish that it's release hadn't been botched.

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Gimmie the Rider.
Rider is a much better girl than saber

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Post your Karens here
Discuss your Karens here
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I want to pee in Karen's butt.
I want to cum in Karen's butt.

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