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ITT: Good ideas with terrible execution
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So, America?
I think you mean horrible ideas with great execution.

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You can choose one (1) series, and you will erase all your memories of it so that you can experience it again

what do you choose?
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Code Geass. I want to experience the shitstorm again

I mean think about it, it disguises itself as a comedy, but I'm really considering that there might be another layer to it.

In the beginning, they joke around a lot about working long hours and all that, but it's brushed off to the side really quickly and not treated as much more than a joke. However, these jokes become more frequent and more out of character of the general tone of the show as it progresses.

And then there's this scene which I think is really telling. It's just too convenient for Aoba to longing stare at a family right when the sleep deprivation is kicking in. A lack of sleep made me really depressed when I did that for a long period of time, but luckily I was in a position where I just decided to sleep more and became normal again.

Aoba doesn't have this luxury. I think New Game! only disguises itself as a light hearted CGDCT anime as a rhetorical device to contrast the friendly image that must be kept up at work with the ridiculous and counter-productive lengths gone to to achieve this goal.
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(pt. 2)
Aoba is a symbol representing the average Japanese worker, and Ko is a symbolizes the the "goal" of the worker. Aoba, starting off happy about work, will only get more sleep deprived and more depressed, and will spend more and more time just wishing she could be someone else (pic related is the first time this happens and it begins to happen more in the future as people get more depressed). Eventually, once she hits rock bottom with depression, the delusion will kick in. She will eventually start to become happy with her shitty hours and pay, and finally become like Ko: wasting her life away on shitty games with no free time or no emotional releases, and somehow being happy about it. And then, the journey of the Japanese worker is complete. Instead of improving her own situation, she convinces herself that she is okay with it, and lives till death with that mindset.

Of course, this is all speculation, but I'm thoroughly convinced that New Game! is brimming with figurative language and symbolism that communicates a much deeper message than initially implied. Aoba is only figuratively happy. Ko is only figuratively enjoying her life. I only figuratively want to destroy Nene's mature 18-year-old adult college student ass.

But really New Game is truly this generation's Evangelion.
Or maybe Aoba just wants an adult male to expel his seed deep inside her and take responsibility so she can be a happy mother raising the children of her loving husband, me
No, Re: Zero is.

Just saw the first episode and this some REAL boring moeshit, how the fuck is this AOTS?
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well memed!
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Why didn't Homura try to recruit more magical girls outside of Mitakihara and overcome Walpurgisnacht with numbers?
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Because she's socially retarded and the worst time traveler in history
She hates people except for Madoka.
And create more Madokas?

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>Liking a walking skeleton like Krul
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There is nothing wrong with skeletons. This incessant smear-campaign is really dragging down the general quality of /a/ and ruining what could otherwise be a good and diverse community. Some of our best posters are skeletons.
Stop the hatred.
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>implying you wouldn't let krul bite you

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When properly analyzed as a character, can Griffith really be said to have done anything wrong?
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>Fuck the princess knowing the consecuences to him and his friends
>Sacrifice all his friends
>Rape his best (girl)friend in front of his best (boy)friend, who is also dating with her
what do you thing

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Is this the best anime ever?

It has an original theme and not the usual shonen, harem garbage anime.
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>Flops hard
>game changer

Its probably the first gangster anime that doesn't include any "unrealistic" bullshit, too bad it's selling poorly like >>146951786 pointed out.
Please watch more anime before making broad generalizations of the medium as a whole, that is all.

Onodera should have won.
>1 month later
>Literally noone remember that generic tsundere firstgirl #913481 won
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Was this some kind of anime you watched?
I don't remember it.
It's probably best to just move on.
More like no one remembers that shitty manga
Chitoge is the best girl. Must suck to be a loser.

Maybe you gaylords should stop rooting for the worst girls then maybe you will finally enjoy a romance series.

Final cover of the anniversary book revealed.

Also, Yen Press is doing a second printing, because of course they are.

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I ordered in the first hour when the amazon listing went up, so mine better have a damn number on it.
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So it won't be only 2000?
>It will be up and available to order on major vendor sites next week!
In theory we should get number version.

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KyoAni adaptation soon.
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Fuck do I want my own Tomo

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Chapter name : Critical
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> fufufu..
> I can totally win against Takagi-san today!!
> 100%

> oh Nishikata
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What's this face trying to convey?
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> good morning
> oh good morning

> you look well today
> well, not really

> Actually, yes really

> You're so oblivious Takagi-san, today I'm invincible

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Just one more day before the release of Volume 20 of Mahouka.

Got new character appearance :

William McLeod, strategic magician from United Kingdom, UK his age is 60 years old. Old man with silver hair.

Jasmine, her appearance is loli but don't know her actual age. She may be like Mio who look like a bit older but shape and face look alike loli.

William McLeod has a target at Kume island offshore Okinawa

It seam Australia is the base of UK and it has a relation with USNA.

- credit Medivh

UK send one of the thirteen apostle ( the authority still did not admit the death of liu yunde ) William McLeod to Australia, to prepare an attack on japan's newly built artificial island, used for extracting marine resources, at Okinawa

3/10, magic association kanto branch. On the surface, Maya sent tatsuya and miyuki to attend the 5th year memorial as the party involved in the Okinawa incident. In truth, due to foreign power previously hurting 10mc and defense force's reputation, they wanted to put in place considerable manpower to prevent external threat from happening. (Although the preview only mention about yotsuba and independent magic battalion).

Shizuku invited miyuki to attend a party to commemorate the completion of the artificial island. (Because it is sponsored by kitayama family). Miyuki informed that her family required her to attend a memorial. Both party agreed to talk when there is time.

Miyuki change the way she call tatsuya from "onii sama" to how minami would call tatsuya, "tatsuya sama".

Because isori senpai has helped in building the artificial island, he has been invited to the island completion party. Kanon, hattori, azusa, sayaka and kirihara tag along for their graduation trip.

Tatsuya and miyuki is very worried that they might get involved with the conflict but couldn't tell them.

Before the preview ended, tatsuya and kazuma discuss about this Okinawa mission.
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>Loli that's like Mio
YES please.
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Superior Yotsuba babies soon. Seems like things are getting ready for more onii-sama antics.
Miyuki only calls him Tatsuya in front of people now and in places they could be overheard. She still calls him onii-sama in private.

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Someone explain this to me.
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Those fucking veins bother me so much
Nothing like drawing dicks and armpits. Even if you're in the middle of your manga's creative process.

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Saw the newest chapter for Gleipnir was released today. Going to dump last months as well since I forgot too if anyone is interested. All thanks for the TL goes to Jag as usual.
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When we last left off an alien just told us that if you collect enough coins you can go SSJ and blow up the earth if you wanted. Now back to highschool.
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