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Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #2

Remember to relax and take it easy.


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File: Mai Natsume Reference.jpg (4MB, 3300x3300px)Image search: [Google]
Mai Natsume Reference.jpg
4MB, 3300x3300px
I would like to request Mai Natsume smiling and holding a watermelon slice while wearing a bikini top and either denim shorts or a pareo. E.g.:

Other ideas would also be appreciated such as Mai holding a small chameleon, her favorite animal, on the palm of her hand and looking at it.
File: Chelsea.jpg (1MB, 3517x1786px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 3517x1786px
Requesting Chelsea, please!

I'd love to see her as a schoolgirl, wearing a pretty school uniform. I'd very much prefer either of these two uniforms (Oregairu or GJ-bu): http://imgur.com/a/P7LMI
It'd also be nice if she'd be wearing thighhighs, though it's not necessary if you don't feel like it.

Or as a super cute maid.

Or her putting on socks or thighhighs.

Or her wearing only her shirt or a t-shirt, and underwear, and no headphones, maybe doing something such as brushing her teeth, brushing her hair, or buttoning her shirt, or anything else cute, or just being cute in general.

Anything else cute or cutelewd is also fine in case you have any ideas.

Please and thanks!
If possible, I would like to request my beloved Mizunashi Akari, please.
Even though it's the end of summer, it has ben deadly hot here so I wouldl ike to request Akari sweating or playing with a fan, please!

Bonus if she's also eating an ice cream!

Please and thank you very much if you pick up my request.

File: FinalBattle.jpg (104KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
104KB, 1280x720px

What is the best final battle of the JoJo parts?
What is the ones that caused the most hype,excitement,and sadness?

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He has a very punchable face
File: 1473189084758.png (259KB, 425x428px)Image search: [Google]
259KB, 425x428px
Gappy makes me Crappy.

File: 1473347687983.jpg (381KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
381KB, 800x600px
Spoilers leaked: Future arc episode 12

What do you guys think about it?
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File: !..png (93KB, 960x560px)Image search: [Google]
93KB, 960x560px
Ya viene,
la fuerza,
la voz de los 77's
la voz de los 77's
File: 58893385_p0.png (404KB, 582x800px)Image search: [Google]
404KB, 582x800px
Junko > Mukuro > Touko > Celes > Mikan > Sayaka > Peko > Kirigiri > Asahina > Akane > Saionji > Mahiru > Ibuki > Sonia > Chiaki > Sakura
File: 1473190217133.jpg (394KB, 1000x750px)Image search: [Google]
394KB, 1000x750px
As long as Hinanami gets a happy ending too I'm satisfied.

File: tonight_u_.jpg (253KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
253KB, 1280x720px
How does she put on/off her glasses so fast?
Didn't she already break them when stepping on Mikan's butthole last time?
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File: junko.jpg (59KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
59KB, 1280x720px
It's simple

We, uh, kill the Nanami
File: 1473277492527.jpg (59KB, 620x660px)Image search: [Google]
59KB, 620x660px
Reminder that you know nothing.

File: yoshikage_kira_album2-2183.jpg (354KB, 742x742px)Image search: [Google]
354KB, 742x742px
> http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi

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>Damaging a bomb thrown by Killer Queen hurts Kira's hand
So if Silver Chariot's sword is cut, would Polnareff lose his wee wee?
And how can Kira's hand summon the bomb directly, even after being cut?
I WANT TO MARRY JOLYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
File: Yoshikage_Kira.jpg (101KB, 500x332px)Image search: [Google]
101KB, 500x332px
My erection was through the roof this episode!

File: 00000190.jpg (166KB, 800x450px)Image search: [Google]
166KB, 800x450px
Are your body is ready?!
> http://pastebin.com/CJPJP2Hi
Vote for the most homosexual JoJo part:
> http://www.strawpoll.me/11186918
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File: act3.png (127KB, 314x318px)Image search: [Google]
127KB, 314x318px
ITT: We pretend we are anime-onlys

Post yfw Koichi gets donuted
File: image.png (2MB, 737x1087px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 737x1087px
The Grateful Dead fight is the greatest fight in all of Jojo.

Prove me wrong.
Stream link when >:V ?

File: 1472905050150.jpg (74KB, 1200x526px)Image search: [Google]
74KB, 1200x526px
Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #1

Remember to relax and take it easy.

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File: I Kind of Dig Crazy Chicks.jpg (2MB, 3682x2827px)Image search: [Google]
I Kind of Dig Crazy Chicks.jpg
2MB, 3682x2827px
Putting her hair up in the same style as Kirias default style or wearing any of her other outfits. - http://imgur.com/a/mvtME

A joint request with Hinafag like practicing magic together or anything more specific that he may have in mind.

Dressed as either Lyn, maybe with a focus on the exposed thighs; or as Naga. - http://imgur.com/a/5XApL

Wearing Zamasus Kai clothing and doing some sort action or dynamic pose. - http://imgur.com/a/JDFhk

In a long bare shoulder sweater and thigh-highs, maybe laying in bed. - http://imgur.com/a/0IQrw

As a dancer, preferably in pink or purple. - http://imgur.com/a/CuJcr

Or anything cute or slightly suggestive/lewd is fine too.

Standard ref pics - http://imgur.com/a/fdPxg
File: Orihime Reference.jpg (2MB, 4400x3610px)Image search: [Google]
Orihime Reference.jpg
2MB, 4400x3610px
Good morning. Requesting please Orihime working as a teacher, or a baker, or ordering one of each at the ice cream shop. Anything else cute of her is good too, thank you.
File: Cosmos request.png (3MB, 1484x1324px)Image search: [Google]
Cosmos request.png
3MB, 1484x1324px
Hello to everyone on WWHD! If anyone has time, can somebody draw Cosmos from Fairy Tail?

Can be:

-Her with my SI (See http://drawfriends.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=60850 ?) riding a giratina origin form in the sky.
-Doing some gardening (Water the flowers, planting them, harvest, etc.)
-Since Autumn is coming up, her wearing a Jean jacket, a long-sleeve sweater, jeans, and fluffy boots.
-Or anything of your choice.

And thank you for your time.

File: Junko you fucking ass.png (631KB, 500x671px)Image search: [Google]
Junko you fucking ass.png
631KB, 500x671px
Goddamnit Junko.

Personality quiz:
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I got Ibuki.
Reminder that basically everyone got Mahiru.
File: 1453618883180.jpg (114KB, 1000x668px)Image search: [Google]
114KB, 1000x668px

File: gu8a53sdk12.jpg (297KB, 955x720px)Image search: [Google]
297KB, 955x720px
Is this the worst ending in anime history?
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File: 019.png (474KB, 782x1104px)Image search: [Google]
474KB, 782x1104px
Uh oh, someone's going nuclear.
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File: 021.png (599KB, 782x1104px)Image search: [Google]
599KB, 782x1104px
Say what you want about manga/WN but this chapter was fucking great.
Google gives me nothing, where is this from?

Was /a/ too dumb to appreciate this masterpiece?
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File: 1457562751420.png (799KB, 1045x1030px)Image search: [Google]
799KB, 1045x1030px
Please just respond to my thread already, /a/.
The intro was really nice and the animation too, but holy hell the plot was garbage.
File: 1466968429169.jpg (490KB, 1273x2087px)Image search: [Google]
490KB, 1273x2087px
Yes, we certainly appreciated best girl winning.

File: group.jpg (174KB, 500x707px)Image search: [Google]
174KB, 500x707px
New images from ova 4 were released
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File: tenchi_a.jpg (41KB, 622x350px)Image search: [Google]
41KB, 622x350px
File: tenchi (1).jpg (42KB, 622x350px)Image search: [Google]
tenchi (1).jpg
42KB, 622x350px
File: ryoko (1).jpg (57KB, 622x350px)Image search: [Google]
ryoko (1).jpg
57KB, 622x350px

File: Euphonium.jpg (57KB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
57KB, 1280x720px
20. Nanbaka - 124 votes
19. Udon no Kuni no Kin-iro Kemari - 132 votes
18. Teekyuu!! 8 - 175 votes
17. Girlish Number - 186 votes
16. Magic of Stella - 200 votes
15. Gakuen Handsome - 201 votes
14. Kiss Him, Not Me - 209 votes
13. SHOW BY ROCK!! 2 - 214 votes
12. Drifters - 244 votes
11. Magical Girl Raising Project - 272 votes
10. The Great Passage - 299 votes
9. Touken Ranbu -Hanamaru- - 418 votes
8. Ajin: Demi-human 2 - 431 votes
7. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans 2 - 508 votes
6. March Comes In Like A Lion - 568 votes
5. Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE Legend Star - 596 votes
4. Bungo Stray Dogs 2 - 771 votes
3. Sound! Euphonium 2 - 787 votes
2. Natsume’s Book of Friends Go - 942 votes
1. Haikyu!! Karasuno VS Shiratorizawa - 944 votes
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Fujoshis at it again.
Only thing I know about this is the cute glasses girl, from that doujin series.
I want reina and kumiko to fuck

File: 0411.jpg (94KB, 640x958px)Image search: [Google]
94KB, 640x958px
well one part of the theory was true
I expect it to continue
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>Sadistic smile from loli Misuzu

That'll do Fumita. That'll do.
Rage fuels Jun.
>Title: A man's willpower

>Shit… I'm gonna die…
>I really am gonna die…

>And she's carrying her on her back…
>What's she, a monster?


>Oh, he's got some spirit.
>What a child…

File: OSU_OP.png (159KB, 800x650px)Image search: [Google]
159KB, 800x650px
due to dead archive no copypasta today.
you can find the room name by searching for /a/, password is rage as usual
#osubantz on rizon for irc
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File: 58188012_p0.jpg (1MB, 875x1225px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 875x1225px
Mp link: https://osu.ppy.sh/mp/27646402
File: 1343587439826.gif (403KB, 160x224px)Image search: [Google]
403KB, 160x224px

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