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you have an autistic daugther like tomoko
who would do /a/?
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I don't understand the question.
I.. uh.. what?
Y-you too.
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Why is Hinata-kun so dreamy?
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Chiaki a slut. Also this shit's way too early.
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Does anybody else fin the fact that the NG codes are complete bullshit half the time and are contrived a best?

We have good NG codes like:
>No Running in the Hallway
>Keep your left hand closed
>You can't answer a question with a lie

Then we have fucking STUPIDLY SPECIFIC NG Codes that are just way to geared towards one contrived situation
>You can't let Makoto Naegi survive after the 4th rest period
>You have to keep Munakata Kyosuke alive
>You can't let someone step on your shadow
>You have to witness someone dying each round
>Witness violence of any form

Geez, this is really bad writing if I do say so myse

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Yurika on the last page!
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Back in the front

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>girl confesses
>"Sorry, I couldn't hear you"
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>huh, what was that?
hmm, did you say something?

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I just realized after the thread from yesterday that if this cute girl wasn't murdered in cold bold, she would probably be spared and allowed to serve the last remaining ant in the royal family - Kaito.

I doubt s/he would bear any ill will towards her, plus it would make Pitou's desire to redeem herself doubled!

What do you guys think?
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Also this is a female Ant King.
It wasn't murder.
Shitou was a beast that absolutely had to be killed, it only lived to serve the king and would have killed itself anyway after finding out about his death. It didn't give a shit about anybody else, not even its own brothers.

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I've watched this series and there's something I don't understand.

If Hisoka's Bungee Gum has the properties of rubber, how can it stick to things?
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It also has the properties of gum.

Rubber starts out as a sticky resin tapped from trees.

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Please be quiet, snek and birb are sleeping
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Any illustration on how snake panties work?
I don't think so, but Kurusu said it was sticky when he got his hands on it. So I'd assume it sticks on.

Then again, Miia was on her first date with her darling at the time so she could have been the source of the stickiness
Do monstergirls only speak japanese?

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/a/ttention! There seem to be non-lolis actively invading this board, please help to stop that by posting a selfie of yourself to prove that you are in fact a little girl.
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Loli reporting in.
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hello this is me
reporting in

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Gappy makes me happy
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What will next chapter be about?
My money's on Kaato's return.
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Femtaro best Jotaro

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What the fuck is her problem?
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She's surrounded by idiots!
Loving justice too much
JUSTICE is never a problem.

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CcnloIQW4AAONIH.jpg large.jpg
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Tell me why boys shouldn't love other boys?
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If boys love boys, there'll be no love for men.
I only have a problem with yurishit, don't care about gays.
Boys should love both boys and men, but men should only love boys and women.

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yang wenl.gif
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What is galaxy worth?
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you wot m8
My shithole

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After dumping the chinese scans, it's time for the japanese raws.

In Chapter 163 Suzu won two times in a row explosively and now she is dealer in South 1.

Notice how she is still ready to explode.
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points, from top to bottom Toki, Suzu, Naruka, Kirame (it feels wrong).
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untoned and raw lineart - and still no sumimasen from Ritz.
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poor Hanada-senpai

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Tatsumi did not want to cuddle and snuggle this at nights.

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Kill yourself.
because he's stupid and she's evil

"Good and evil existing."

I'm pretty sure he could've easily and slowly convinced her to fight against Honest if he gave her a good dicking like she asked for.

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Why are loli characters so sexual?
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If they aren't sexualized in the show, then the Internet will do it
That ripe little butt
I want to nibble on that peach.

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