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Give the goods.
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>pretentious hipster/9
kill yourself

What gives an anime 'rewatchability'?

Is it the setting? The characters? The storyline?
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The soundtrack.
For me, character driven stuff tend to be a lot more rewatchable, bonus points if its atmosphere heavy.

Plot driven stuff bores me on a rewatch since I already know what's going to happen.
OP here, I can definitely agree with this.

I also feel like shows with 'independent' episodes or ones that aren't part of an overarching plot are more rewatchable because you don't have to get as invested in the show every time. Like School Rumble for instance, you don't have to watch from the very start to jump into an episode.

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>Everyone in the walls is descended from a rebel army/nation state that lost a war and was sealed away by Titans to slowly die off for the amusement of the victors. Grisha is a sympathiser trying to end their captivity.

>Titans are a biologically engineered super weapon and the entire setting is just designed to breed the most powerful Shifters possible, with the coordinate gene-family being descended from the administrators. Grisha is a scientist who grew a conscience and was trying to free the humans.

>Humanity abandoned the (really large) island/continent the series takes place on due to the Titans and rebuilt elsewhere, but isn't coming back to save the others because it'd cost too much. Grisha was an explorer/scientist who got stranded.

>The coordinate-gene family caused the whole mess in the first place, creating the Titans to keep the outside world at bay while it ruled with absolute power over a private kingdom as it sees fit. Grisha is a soldier/scientist who infiltrated the kingdom to save them.

Bonus: Grisha was evil and merely married to maintain his cover but grew to love his wife for real, then when they started a family he decided enough was enough and turned on whoever he served to try do the right thing.

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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
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Do you ever see a character and immediately fall in love with them?
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What is love?
This ass is love.
Godannar? I need to watch that.

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shit song

shit series

shit thread
Didn't really notice the OST


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It's current year and there are still anons who will defend this.
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It created a lot of job opportunities.
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>anons who will defend this
Defend it from what though? It's unanimously agreed to be the best mecha anime ever made.

Specifically the black and white last episode. It's unjustifiable.

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Okay, guys hear me out, what if they are indeed suicides, every death is shown lit by the red light of the monitors (Monokuma's left eye, which represents despair), we have been foreshadowed that brainwashing is going to be an important part of these animes with Despair, and that brainwash can cause people to destroy their own bodies (like Mikan implanting Junko's uterus, or Fuyuhiko popping his own eye)

Then, Monokuma never says there is only ONE attacker, he just says that only the attacker will be awake, which means nobody was awake when they where killed by the "attacker"
The knife can be hidden inside of the monitor because Danganronpa logic.
All the victims died accord to their own physical abilities, Great Gosu was strong enough to hand himself from those cords, Seiko could jump incredibly high, which means she could've blasted against the wall herself, and Ruruka, the weakest, had to torture herself Nagito style.

The only people that knew about the underwater facility were Tengan and maybe Munakata, but it was shown that Munakata didn't know about the killing game for two reasons.
First, he didn't know who the attacker was and asked Tengan, the chairman probably said (Everyone is the attacker) which made Munakata think that everyone is despair, that's why he wants to kill them all.
Second, he didn't know any of the other people's NG codes until he broke Miayabot.
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Why are her eyes red? Why does her murder not fit the attacker's MO? Why is she so beat up? Why is the blood under her fingernails?
You may be onto something

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Isn't she too perfect?

New PV
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>Isn't she too perfect?
She would be if they didn't ruin the art.
I love how she's drawn in the movies.
They took the SHAFT memes too far.

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I haven't watched anything Dragon Ball since i was 13 (i'm now 20).

Is Super worth looking into?
Has it been pretty solid so far?
Is the american dub gonna come out soon?
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Super is pretty shit, it's only for children and old people who want more of DB no matter how bad it is.
If you want to watch something, watch the original DB subbed.
>Tien never tapped that

all correct

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How does "Madoka" keep omnipresent in a critical situation? Will she rise like a phoenix from the ashes?
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"Madoka" is invulnerable!

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Are these two of the homosex?
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Keions are asexual blob people.
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don't even think about it
Yes. Very comfy couple.

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MD Geist would've been a perfect 10/10 instead of a solid 8/10 if he had been wearing the shades through the whole ova.
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Trips dont lie
Nice work
MD Geist is garbage. Its not even a fun popcorn flick OVA. Its trash and shit.

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>character eats some plain rice

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You'll never learn Japanese if you can't appreciate the simple honesty of plain rice.
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>character sucks on a penis
I can understand that.

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Hitman Reborn comes back for a crossover special.

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Crossover with what? What is that show that kids watches these days?
For a Fujo artist, her girls are too good.
The girls are cuter than the guys in Eldlive for some reason.

Maybe that's why no one wanted to translate her new manga.

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Can we all agree that Nozomi is a fucking terrible singer?
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Everyone in µ's sings like fucking chipmunks, Rin and Nico having the worst voices.
The only one who can actually sing in Eli and she's not even my fave.
she's also only one with disgusting cow tits
Not as bad as Maki

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