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Is Re.Zero worth watching?
I watched the first episode, and I did not really get the hype. Is it really the show SAO could have been if it was not shit and full of Waifufags everywhere?
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Same demographic that liked SAO now likes rezero. That should tell you everything you need to know.
Thank you, you just saved me a lot of time
It's a meme show. It's really only worth watching if you watched it with /a/ while it was airing.

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A mahou shoujo appears before you.

She can transform you into ONE anime character. It is a permenant transformation. You can only wear your hair/clothes that match those worn by the character.

Who do you choose? Pic related is me
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I want to be Utaha.

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Anyone /trying/ to read this?

It was kind of neat at first (if a bit naruto-ish). Seems like "Protagonist goes back in time after losing the final battle" is a popular theme in a couple different manga lately, but... Holy shit is it just me or have the last few issues just cut out huge chunks of time? Like it goes from mc going to visit his family to him being in a forest and killing someone to him arguing with some tribe elder with no segue in-between.
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It's shit.
Manga is based off of web novel and every one who reads wuxia/xanxia agrees that it is the worst story.
The MC is imbalanced op shit for the whole 350~400 chapters of the novel so far. Im reading it, because I never drop things I start. And the last chapters didnt cut anything from the original novel as far as i remember. They will go on an auction soon.
I like the first few chapter but yeah, its starting to feel like it was made with no knowledge or experience instorytelling.

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I just watched this movie and absolutely loved it. I almost cried at several points and found it very uplifting.
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Gravity tends to have that effect
No pun intended
Aside the "oh so that's how it works" moment I didn't find it that special, it's your usual movie about a boy and girl against whatever evil.

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So I recently started reading the N.H.K manga, what is /a/'s opinion about it in comparison to the anime?
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Better but makes muh waifu crazy
Manga > LN > Anime
LN > Anime > Manga

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I think I found a final solution to the Great Debate. Rei is for siring your genetically-messed up children with and having her clean the dishes, do the laundry and pleasing you after a hard day. Afterwards, you cuddle with her and hold her hands with your bodies rub agains each other and her soft skin rests against yours content with the silence of a woman behaving properly.

Asuka is for sneaking behind Rei's back to fornicate messily and loudly with and when Oktoberfest comes, you have to ply her with lots of beers to turn her into a drunken log, whereupon you can use her anyway you want. You might cum inside of her to create a few extra bastards just in case Rei's messed up children are stillborn. After having your way with her, you wouldn't cuddle with her, but rather violently push her off your bedside onto the floor as you admire your seed dripping out of her while she is delirious in drink and dick.

Once as a while, Christmas, you might bring the two together for a depraved threesome. This creates a problem. Should Rei be submissive to Asuka or should Asuka be submissive to Rei?
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dumb eva poster
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There is no debate Asuka is a crazy bitch and if you like her you are a cuck pussy whipped fag

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when is season 2 dropping?
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Wasn't it confirmed for a movie?
But I already dropped season 1.
I liked it a lot even if it was imouto super keikaku bullshit.

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They didn't even get together in the end. Fuck this movie. I want my 100 minutes back
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>Shinkai film
>expect happy ending
no ones fault but your own.
this is some bait
but seriously it was pretty damn good
can't wait to watch it in a resolution larger than 360p
I guess Shinkai finds a way to your wallet.

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Kongou confirmed for suicide watch.
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Believe in Kaga who believes in you
>Good English

Stop deluding yourself.
Kongou too

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At least they're using Kishi's art, and not that terrible art from the Boruto manga

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Thank god. The art from the manga is terrible
the manga doesn't have an art.
when it start?
Hopefully they keep Sarada's miniskirt from the manga

Kinda cool.
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fuck off narutards
I wish I could get a list of all the worthwhile naruto shippuden arcs. I'm not about to sit about watch 400 episodes of fuckery.
Kys, Naruto has the best OST [email protected]

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Was it decided that Koitus was the best girl?
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I want to fuck the bunny! While mr. teddy bear watches
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She is for me.
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koito yes.png
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Share those little know yet fun manga thread.

My entry is "Rock Me Amadeus" god i wish there was some more...
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oh an the description;
>An audiophile jumps to his death, meets something on the way down... and ends up crawling away from a pool of his own blood.
An unmotivated music high school student (our main protagonist) vs. a speeding truck meets the same fate in front of his friends.
Now those two must kill each other "in order to understand the joy of living", as proxy, with the power of classical music incarnated."
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Yama no Susume was friday
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I miss Hinata. She's too sexy. Unfairly so.
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A sequsi godess we will never see again.
I do not buy you being ESL.

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LL or [email protected]?
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Wake Up Girls
Is Nico a loli?
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Uncle Joe taking your waifus.

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