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What did she mean by this?
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You have been visited by the Space Man of Good Tunes. Good chords will be strung to you but only if you reply with "Good sounds, space man"
Good sounds, space man
Good vibes, moon man

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>tfw anime never
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Honestly, at this point, it's probably a good thing.
Ova series would be best desu

there is no reason to make anime of a manga that isn't finished.

It always pisses me off when there is a 25-50 episodes that doesn't finish the story.

this guy has a point. Manga went to shit. We'll never see Askeladd being badass after hearing his goals and backstory. We will never see Canute political maneuvering. Manga is called Vinland saga and we will all probably all die of old age before they even decide to make sail.

Instead we learned about how "awesome" farming is. Now we are probably gonna learn how awesome trading is with their journey into constantinopolis to sell narval horns.

Same as Berserk author doesn't know what they want with the story and make weird arcs. Also both were stuck on a boat for a long time.

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Death note.png
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Did anyone else have one in high school?
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The first name in my notebook is (You)
This is where "nigga u gay" is appropriate.

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Was it rape?
No seriously, outside of Anthy was it rape?
All of those people, did he rape them?
Who did Akio rape?
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Also this is one of my favorite shows because of the arty fartsy. But I think it's the literal manifestation of 2deep4you
Well.. was it rape? She did want it

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Isn't he supposed to be the Prince of all Saiyans? He dies to Frieza, and then for the rest of the show he just helps the villains evolve and cries about how weak he is. He's basically Shinji.
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He's prince of a race that got enslaved by Frieza, of course he loses to Frieza.
Toriyama is a hack, you know that right? Super is literally written like a gag manga.
Why would you expect Vegeta to be able to defeat Freiza if the entire Saiyan race couldn't?

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Is she really god?
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Kyon is actually god. You are led to believe that the plot is centered around Haruhi, but isn't Haruhi the one who is centered around Kyon?
God is Kyon's penis.

All the girls circle it, and Kyon is lead by it.

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Jabberwock island, when?
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post yfw weedman is the only survivor
Are they fucking in there or what?
So who could have constructed the building and hid it from everyone else?

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>Charge $50+/2 episodes($300 for an entire series)
>Wonder why the industry is dying
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Just torrent, you nimcomshit.
Considering that a book, which is nothing but papers, can soar from $1-$20, I believe that $300 for a BD set is fair.

You buy it for the collectors satisfaction. And anime studios make the most of their money out of advertisements and merchandise
>I believe that $300 for a BD set is fair.
no lol

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ITT overrated shit
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Gurren Lagann, not so good.
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oops wrong thread edition >>350912756

post most memorable moments
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Why doesnt Guts grow a beard?
Better question, where does he take the time to make his face look so smooth?
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Post cool Berserk art

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So why didn't Yuuta impregnate the dumb chuuni?
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>the dumb chuuni
You've gotta be more precise than that.
Don't fuck literal retards
The heart doesn't know any better, anon. Also, that fucking ass and hips.

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Dorohedoro v8-000.jpg
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What are we going to learn in the eighth volume?
All of this is still... In the most chaotic shambles.
That is... DOROHEDORO!

Volume 1: >>146433218
Volume 2: >>146482890
Volume 3: >>146525392
Volume 4: >>146566794
Volume 5: >>146614330
Volume 6: >>146660730
Volume 7: >>146764485

Official Soundtrack: https://mhzmusic2.bandcamp.com/album/dorohedoro-original-soundtrack
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DH_08 0001.jpg
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Dorohedoro v8-001.jpg
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Dorohedoro v8-002.jpg
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05 Ataru and Lum upset.jpg
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I was thinking back on some old anime, and I remembered that there were a few instances where some of the characters dressed up similarly to playboy bunny girls. This got me thinking, are there a lot of instances of this? Besides Urusei Yatsura and Dragon Ball, I'm having problems finding examples. Can someone help point me in the right direction with some examples, or post some pics of some?
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chapter 251


someone needs to tell me what the fuck is happening
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bezald is being a faggot and doesnt want to let me download his raws and repost them fuck you bezald
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the asshole i download raws from changed all the file names but i think i have the pages in the right order

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>spends entire show living with brown girl everybody is fighting over
>doesn't bother to ask what's going on or why everybody is fighting over her even once
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1. Didn't Anthy just stonewall Utena when she asked?
2. Anthy is the witch, and the witch always lies to the princess.
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Utena is retarded!
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thinking of prince and stuff.png
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