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Has there ever been a good live action anime movie /a/?
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would you consider the kaiji live action movie decent ?
Speed Racer
Is the AoT movie actually good or am i getting memed?

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Cheer her up already.
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No, she's a grandma.
>put in cryosleep in 2017

I always feel kinda sad when scifi overestimates where we'll be in the future.
>waahh, waaahh
So, I guess you're studying physics or what are you doing to let humanity reach that goal?

When will Lancer Arturia get her anime adaption, /a/?

Keep in mind that she's one of the strongest entities on Gaia and has one of the largest chest sizes in the Type-Moon franchise and wields Rhongomyniad, the pillar that pins the Age of Man to the world.
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>strongest entities on Gaia
And yet she's still Gudako's bitch.
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Stick legs.

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Two new chapters. I guess they fixed their tL problems.
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>you will never have this many girls wet for you
Why live?
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>rival team has ruskie and a serb in the team
Twins are cute CUTE!

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left or right?
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left because of thicc.
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This one
not sure If my dick can handle that

why is brown skin so perfect?

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>Go and Check to see if Natsume Yuujinchou is getting crunchyroll simulcast
>It's not
>"Crunchyroll to Simulcast "Gakuen Handsome" Anime"
Kill me.
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>No simulcast because of some dumb fucking short
>We'll have to wait forever for subs
>Threads are filled with shitposters and samefags
>Or just plain dead

When did things go so wrong?
Less than an hour!
Why are you so cruel?

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Does he really love her that much? Why? Or did he reject cat only because he wouldn't want to break crab's heart?
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He kinda likes crab
He admires cat, but doesnt romantically love her
Cat: he thinks she's too good for him
Snake: mental retardation
Monkey: lesbo
Doll: doll
Sisters: sisters
Snail : kill
Bat: will stay with him for eternity so who cares
Crab is objectively the only reasonable love/girlfriend material.
>Cat: he thinks she's too good for him
He literally tells her he loves crab more than her though

Name me one (1) anime character in the entire universe that can defeat her
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She can't beat the cock.
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What's a Tama-Chan to a God
The cock is not an anime character.

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why do people like anime so much?
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Why do people even like things in this world?
There are cute girls

Do I really want to download 720p BD?
Considering this
>most anime are mastered at 720p
>said anime are upscaled to 1080p in the BDs
>encoder ripped from these BDs and encode them to 1080p and 720p
>the latter case means the anime will go through scaling down 2 times instead of just 1 upscale done by studio
I know it's autistic and you won't be able to spot any difference for the most part but technically, you do lose bitrate right?
Also, another matter. Does my CCCP setup automatically remix 5.1 audio releases to 2.0 when in playback to fit my setup?
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Wasn't CCCP not updated in like a year or so?
I remember there's this blog in moonrune that has a pretty good list of anime, detailing what anime is mastered at 1080p/960p/720p etc
Does anyone has that link?
It is but I don't really care to be honest. If it's not updated it just means everything still work fine.
>it just works fine

Literally the logic people use to justify streaming.

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We post best anime/manga rage moments.
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Umineko has the best rages
Post em
Kek this manga is so bad.

Why would anyone read it?

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With the popularity of Pride and mixed martial arts in general in Japan, why are there no mma anime?
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Baki the grappler counts I think.
There was like, some MMA vibe in Baki for like the first 10 pages.
There's a decent number of successful MMA manga, formal, and informal.

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Do you still remember what it was like to Fly Away?
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Happy Hanukah!
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No. But I remembered how to Transform.

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>ctrl+f madoka
>no result
>on 3rd October
What happened to you /a/
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Go back to your cancerous forum.
Happy birthday, Madoka.
We celebrated yesterday.

>fanservice is okay as long as it's from an OVA released in the 90s
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Fanservice is always okay.
There isn't enough fanservice in anime today. Anime in the 80's and 90's was infamous for showing tits, ass, and other pervy weird shit straight out of nowhere. It's arguably a large reason why anime achieved the large cult that is has. Hentai has been one of the highest searched terms on the internet, for what, 20+ years? What's considered fanservice today is a cleavage or ass that is completely covered in steam, but you get to see the 30% of the censor removed if you buy the blu-ray for $60. Isn't that funny?
Who has ever said this? Name one time anyone on this planet has ever said something this retarded.

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