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Is there a better role model in anime than Brock? I don't think so.

>He is able to take care of all his brothers and sisters by himself.
>Gym leader at a very young age.
>Has set goals
>Mature and chill as fuck.
>Not afraid on hitting on all the atractive girls that he stumbles upon.
>Probably getting all kinds of laid since he left the group.

Why aren't you doing your best to be more like Brock, /a/?
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I said hello to a female cashier the other day.

And did she suck your dick?
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Look at this bitch right here. Her name is Nico "Fucking" Yazawa.

>dad dies early in her life
>has to step the fuck up to take care of her sisters while her mom is at work
>started a fucking idol club at her school
>her standards are so damn good, no fucking idol casual can join
>Nico Nico Nii, nigga
>she can fucking cook
>is a master of disguises and stealth ops
>can stop a man twice her height by just glaring at them
>tells it like it is so not to give any of that hope nonsense
>reality over hope, nigga
>has rich bitches falling for her ass

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>Find myself watching less anime and reading manga more often

I don't know guys, Anime just doesn't do it for me much anymore. I'm finding it more fun to read the manga's now.

Who prefer physical form rather then online manga?
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Not your blog.
Same. There's so much more variety in manga, and it's easier to pick up than investing into a 12 episode anime.
Same here. I took a break after finishing watamote and haganai s2 then came back to see DRRR!!!! S2 and thats the last show I've seen this year. Like a two year break from anime. I mean whenever watamote or haganai s2 ended.

Was he right?
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Euphie was influenced by him, and she definitely would have if Lelouch didn't fuck everything up with his joke.
suzaku has always been right

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Lady Gaga.jpg
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How do we stop this man, this spawn of Satan, this embodiment of evil made flesh, this wicked soul who thinks only of destruction and sin?
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Pray that he won't cross your path.
now i have to read it again

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Let's try this again.

>Short movie directed by Sidu premiering on November 4th

>Second Season announced, but no release date

i know /a/ doesn't care much for the series, but might as well try to see if i can get some discussion outta this

what are your hopes for the movie and second season? aside from it being good of course
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Literally the only thing I want from kagepro is to see the gory parts animated well so I can make webms and post them out of context. Kido killing her father sounds really fun.
kinda want the EDGE to be kept to a minimum, kagepro's at it's best when it's just the characters dicking around
>Second season
Why didn't they just do it right the first fucking time?

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Wait a minute, why is he considered a bad guy again?

He just wants to fight good opponents and he even helps them grow stronger.
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clowns are the number one menace in the world of ideas.
they never surrender, they always come back no matter what you do.
He's more of an anti-villian. I think of him kinda like if Goku was portrayed in more of a villianous light and took slightly more joy in the kill rather than the fight

So where is my 5th season at? I see the first episode aired, is crunchy not doing it again?
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Crunchy should still have the licensing for it, but they haven't announced a simulcast.
I'd be interested in subbing it, but I've been staring at nyaa for the last several hours and no raws have shown up.
Based anon.

Hopefully a raw shows up soon. I've been waiting for more material to be animated.
I thought it airs tomorrow?

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oh boy.jpg
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Do the Japanase have shit taste?

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>having taste

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TLR have the best milfs
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Tearju Lunatique Forever
Death to yami
Those aren't milfs though, well Tearju could be considered a milf but Yami wasn't "born" through standard methods, also Tearju hasn't even seen a dick...that'll change soon though.
Torture Yami abusing sexually to Tearju
Tearju > Mikado > Yui mom > Ringo > sephiria (NTR Slut queen and Bad Mother)

How big is TOO big?
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There is a very high threshhold for size as long as the overall shape can compensate
I'd say around F cup is the absolute biggest
No such thing as long as they're drawn well
Why is her face so flat

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Chapter 36 and 37 are out

Mai Ball more like mai dick
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damn right
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b r u h

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She may get a cold at this rate.

Quick! do something!
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Insert dick
I turned the heater on, she's gonna be fine

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Where are the fan translations of Bake, Nise, and Neko? They were on BakaTsuki and got taken down. I wanna read them before reading the official if I can get my hands on it. I literally cannot find them, tried searching everywhere. I should've downloaded it before it got taken down dammit.

Also, how is it possible that no one has uploaded scans of the official Kizu book? Its impossible to find, and you can only find the fan translation. I want to read both, and have a digital copy saved.

And no, I can't buy it from Amazon nor get it from the library. I'd kill to be able to buy it but I just can't. I'm in a particular position.

Why is it so hard to find translations? Fan or official scans. Its one of the most popular series in the weeaboo world yet I can't find the material to read.
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why would you want to read garbage fan translations and why do you not have $12 to buy one book
/a/'s secret archive of LN translations, do NOT share it outside of this board.

Not lack of $12. I just don't really have access to getting the series. And I'd rather have fan translations than nothing. I'd die to have Kizu official scans, but I'll settle for fan. For Bake, Nise, and Neko, I can't even have fan translations since I can't find them anywhere.

Laugh if you want, but I have a super conservative home and there's no way for me to enjoy this in book form. I do all my LN and manga reading on phone during transit.

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Armin Arlert.png
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ITT: characters that ruined a good show
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he ruined the manga AND The show
i thought he was the best character

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What are you actually supposed to do in this situation?
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Turn 360 degrees and walk away
Why does she sit like that?
rape her

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