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naruto vol 1.jpg
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What does /a/ think of this classic?
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fuck off narutards
It was some glorious days when Hinata won the naruraminbowl
Naruto isn't all that inherently bad. There's a reason for its worldwide success. 4chan just has a hard-on for hating whatever is popular with the masses.

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They are going to release a 2,400 page book containing all 12 volumes of Death Note.
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>be me
>be reading death note
>readjust leg
>half the book drops
>rips in half
>everyone in the bus sees Ryuk
>everyone looking at me while i try and pick up the loose pages

no thank you ill pass

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/a/, if you were in charge of making the ultimate worst AMV in the history of AMV's, what would it consist of? Post music selections, low-quality anime clips, etc.
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Unedited clips of Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece thrown together (maybe some Lucky Star in there too)
Song from Three Days Grace, Linkin Park, or Evanesance.
Maybe some shitty out of date memes and references throughout the AMV.
The Nutshack
a jump cut literally every frame

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>The best isekai in years is a comedy that parodies the genre

This shit was way better than it had any right to
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This anime is both years old and also inferior to several series that came out after it.
A lot of the isekai shit that /a/ complains about is shit mocking or playing with the genre to begin with.
Hey I recognize that loli, Ive masturbated to her.
Dont care about the dumb anime

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>CLANG got s2
>umaru didn't

wtf is wrong with this world?
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Well, Doga kobo rarely makes S2 and they make the best products. Such a shame
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World isn't ready yet for this miracle of the universe

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Why did this shit get overhyped so much? I went into FMAB expecting something horrific. I thought he'd kill the dog then they'd eat it for dinner without her knowing then he'd probably rape her or kill her afterwards.

I mean,it was pretty sad what happened but isn't some tear jerking horror fest like the Eclipse. It's way too overhyped.
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It was more built up in the original.

Although I still agree with you. Never understood why people were so shocked.
Brotherhood is the kiddiefied version.

>I moved Tokyo then.
Like, the entire city?
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Yes, saw him live that day. His speech put Martin Luhter King to shame.
The year I moved Tokyo was 2014. I moved it to France.
I would love to hear you speak Japanese, anon.

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Your waifu confesses her undying love for you.

How do you respond?
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I'm sorry I couldn't hear you.
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Sorry, but there's someone else I love
Do a 360, kick her in the chin and run away.

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Why headpats feel so good?
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i have never
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Headpats turn the worst tsundere into a loving girl.
I headpet my little cousin and everybody looked at me like I'm weird. Headpats are a meme.

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There needs to be a Zero no Tsukaima remake with more focus on politics and less haremshit.
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Shakugan no Shana
Or Maoyuu
Or Log Horizon
>tfw no 30 years war anime

What is going to be remembered as the biggest trainwreck of the year?
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2016 has been the worst year for anime in living memory.
That's 2015 or 2014.
2014 was great, and 2016 makes 2015 look amazing by comparison.

Can you essentially be immortal with these?

>187 years old
>Brink of death
>Take senzu
>Nope! Good as new
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Senzu beans doesn't cure age. Aging isn't a disease nor a wound. In fact it doesn't even "cure" anything, hence why Goku diead from a heart condition.
This, it can't even heal scars.

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Probably because Kaiji ended years ago and the manga is updated irregularly.
>S2 was five years ago
Threads about non-airing anime is usually cancerous, like discussing shipping and power levels between tripfags. The last kaiji thread with a lot of replies had blog posting

What was his name again?
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