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What went wrong?
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The first part of most of the two epsiode arcs was boring.

>inb4 the whole thing not being like the first two episodes is what went wrong
No it's not go back to your kill la kill or samflam
Why make the first 2 episodes the way they are if you got no intention to follow up on it?
It's its own thing and provides backstory for the series.
All it does is set things off.

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Is Ghost in the Shell deep for real and worth a watch or just a reason for weeaboo techie nerds to wank off to cyborg girls under disguise of digging the deep "philosophies" in this anime?

No meme answer, objective answers only (emotions must be devoid from your answer, only objective evaluation of this anime piece).

Is it one of those "rlly makes u sink" movies or just regular no lifer nerd BS with boobs?
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Why don't you just watch it and find out of yourself?
If you haven't seen GITS yet you probably don't belong here
stop replying to this shit thread
at least use sage

Who is your daughteru?
What anime is she from?
What makes her daddys little Hime?
Usagi Drop - Bunny drop
She so smart that she ends up teaching me things, and her smile brings joy to my heart.
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How about instead of this thread you make yourself a useful person.

Ahh, I love new working!! already.
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I don't believe in working. Afterall, I've never worked and don't plan on watching it.
Meh. Probably gonna take a while to get into. Gonna be hard to top S3, too.
>Inami tier
Inami with boobs

>Great tier
Higashida, Ghost girl, single mom, rich girl

>Good tier
Cooks, Slave-kun

>Bitch tier
Retarded manager

>The Worst tier
Higashida's parents

>The Worst but I still want to bang her tier
Higashida's imouto

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What does the tattoo mean?
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It means that she was branded a slut at birth.
The king put that there so everyone knows that pussy is his
Every man that finished inside her got to add a little bit to it.

After about 30-40 men the tattoo was completed.

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Thank you.
kuroneko was better

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What makes her so much better than most females?
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Resolve. And the most beautiful flowing hair.
It's easy to pretend that she's a trap.
Sick digits, my dude

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ITT: Terrible trash everyone already forgot about.
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berserk quality.webm
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>New Game
Pick one. New Game is literally one of the best anime in years.

>male protagonist
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>another greentext thread
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>all female cast
But how can you self-insert with a female protagonist?

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When was the last time you saw nosebleed in a show?
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Why does /a/ like gay anime more than hetero anime?
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The word you're looking for is homosexual/lesbian. Only men can be gay.
yaoi anime sucks. yuri anime is good
The same reason why people moved out from shounen. Because it's old and cliche now.

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Piggyback or princess carry?
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Giving: Piggyback
Receiving: Princess Carry
Princess carry, no contest.
Because it's more heavier to lift with princess carry than piggyback.

is gintoki the best shonen portagonist ?
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Actually, me
he should've had fucked tee kagura she was the best tsundere
Does he get beaten up by girls for comedy?

If yes, then no.

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bleach looks the best desu, would frame on a wall
Bleach one > Naruto one > One Piece one
One Piece will always be better no matter what the memehaters will say

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How does one obtain a Koko?
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>tfw you will never be obsessed over by a rich ginger girl.

Will I ever find happiness in this life?
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Banri goes TADA.jpg
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Just how big is Banri's dick?

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