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Why does my brain tell me to breed with Yuuko even though I'm fully aware that ghosts can't bear babies.
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anything is possible
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It's ok to have doubts, I hope.
that doesn't stop that mad man from trying

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Backlog thread, what are you watching or have finished lately?

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Read HnK and Slam Dunk.

I've already read HnK, didn't care for the parts towards the end with Ken mentoring Raoh's sudden appearance bastard child
Finished Serial Experiments Lain. Almost done with Beelzebub manga. Half way through Toriko manga. Just started Kokoro Connect.

>there are people on this board that think garou never transformed into a real monster
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Just looks like a costume to me
How can he be a real monster if he never killed anyone?
It was cheap costume. Garou made the horns himself

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All three girls in this picture are dead.

How does that make you feel?
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Bad because Risa-chan is going to die too.
I don't think that is factual.
Nothing at all

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Which Free! would you swim with?
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You dont watch free, the only things worth about this show are the male bonding and topless scenes. It's a good /cm/ material, but ither than that i really do enjoy the doujinshi where makoto got cucked by Haru.

How would Lovecraft react to this?
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Absolutely dissapointed
he'd throw a hissy fit and write a tumblr post about pedo alt-righters shitting on his legacy
Lovecraft - I Hate the anime

How "important" are you /a/non? Do you feel like your importance is deserved or not?
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I'm important to me. Yeah, I'd say it's deserved.

I mean, the only person who you can really answer to, who really knows YOU, is yourself. Everyone else can merely see the small parts of you that you let them see, and you probably don't ever show anyone else the "real" you at all.
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Very important, obviously.
I'm Very Important, and my posts are also Very Important.

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

78 days!
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You're a fag.
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You're early today.

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New chapter of Mount Fuji. This time it's a birthday chapter.
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Post massive sluts.
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Arc-V and Aldnoah Zero are trash.
Not gay but I would do lewd things with pretty much any character he voiced.
Where's Vaan?

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Man I contemplate killing myself everyday knowing that Kuro will never be real.
I'm very sorry.
I already fapped today, that's why I'm not hard.
Oh shit I'm sorry.

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Let's do our rubesty today!
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>is 15
>acts like she is 10 at best

No wonder she doesn't have any friends and is the least popular girl.
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ruby tuesday.jpg
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The Red Turtle was a pretty big flop in Japan.

FINDS A WAY 1st weekend: $10,528,423
KnK 1st weekend: $2,771,278
Red Turtle 1st weekend: $328,750


So what now? Has Ghibli lost its throne to Shinkai and Kyonai? Will it ever be relevant again?
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Their best directors are retired and their doors are closed, I'm not sure why you're expecting relevance.
I blame meme magic for this.
Ghibli means nothing without Miyazaki. Almost every one of their movies without his name has bombed in the box office. Red Turtle gets it even worse for being a Gaijin arthouse movie.

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Have you ever realized how insignificant your existence on this planet really is?

That happened to me back when I was in the 6th grade, I'll never forget it.
My dad took us to a baseball game at a stadium. I didn't care about baseball at all but I got surprised when we got there.
There were so many people out there, it was like all of Japanese people were packed in the stadium.
Then I turned to my dad and asked him how many people were there.
He said since the stadium was full, it was like 50,000.
On my way home, I saw tons of people walking towards the station like a massive current as well and that made me surprised again.
When I got home, because I already learned the Japan's population was like 100 million in social study, I divided it by 50,000 using my calculator.
The answer was 2,000.
I was at a loss completely. The crowd in the stadium that looked like very large was just a fraction of the entire population.
After that, I noticed it.
Until then, I thought I was kinda a special person, it was fun to be with my family, and I had fun with my classmates too.
I believed people and things around me were literally special and I was as well.
But it wasn't true.
Those kind of things were really ordinary and happened all over the places in Japan.
Waking up, brushing my teeth, going to school, and going to sleep, there was nothing special about my life.
I felt like everything I thought was cool and interesting faded away to a gray void.
But if there were so many people in this world, then there had to be someone who was living in a weird and special life.
If so, why wasn't that me?

That's how I realized that.
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The words of our goddess must be heard by all.
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Dont think too much anon. Ignorance is bliss as they say.

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