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What's a molly?
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I think it's drugs for rappers

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>he doesn't think the end justifies the means in any situation
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Go away you filthy Kantian
I mean, the end is all people are going to end up living with. If benefits outweigh the the cost, why not?
Because it outweighs it in every situation.

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is it wrong to lust after karen?
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Yes. She's a very young girl; stay away until she has the physical and mental maturity to handle a romantic relationship.

Also she's british so she must have poor dental hygiene.
>physical maturity

i don't want this
Why not? she's going to be a beautiful woman.

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So what does /a/ think of the show? Thought it was pretty good, some parts where great others was good. Overall a really good show but I still dont know the point of the masochist. He added nothing other then comic relief, and really no strong connections to anyone else. While everyone else had atleast one strong connection.
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it was pretty good, unique and different

definitely on my list somewhere
Yes she is indeed best girl.

Surprised I did not hear of it sooner considering its made by trigger.

My wife TOSHINOU KYOUKO is cute.
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You're wife is a slut.

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Anyone remember this masterpiece?
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Of course, who could forget?
Stop spamming this thread faggot
You stop spamming your bait faggot

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Why the fuck was he such an edgelord?
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Nothing wrong
too much pink floyd and nihilistic shit up there on the seed ship
Trying to kill your past self isn't that edgy.

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I really love this anime, obviously the version " brotherhood".
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Brotherhood is the hackjob version.
i think its better than the original, because the ending was awfull...
The movie was pretty all right.

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Just now I finished all of K-On, wrapped up the movie about 5 minutes ago. This show is a fucking masterpiece. No other anime has managed to show friendship in as good a fashion as K-On. The feels are fucking real right now, since I'm completely done with the series. Their song for Azusa is killing me.
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Well there's only one thing left to do now
The story continues into college and Azusa's last year. Go read it.
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I was unironically in despair for a couple days after I finished K-On!

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so apparently i have a problem with anime that start in a train i can always loose interest on episode one and can never past 7 min of it. anyone else?
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What the fuck?
I hate anime that start with a train. I cant last 7 minutes if it starts with a train
I recommended a hentai to my friend once. He finished his business within the first 10 seconds. It didn't even show any human characters at that point, just a train passing through.

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ITT: Girls that only idiots would waifu
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I would never "waifu" an imaginary cartoon character.
Get a grip weebs.
If your waifu is in any way related to KyoAni then your waifu is a slut. I'm sorry, K-On included.

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Shana is for __________
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keeping me warm.
lighting my fire.
The trash can.

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Does Toriyama have a twink fetish? Most new characters in DBS have no muscles at all, even Black who has the same body as Goku is thinner than him
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Yes he is going through a twink phase atm where he just draws everyone like stick figures.
The manga didn't suffer from this change of artstyle as much since Toyotaro stays true to the older artstyle.
muscles are no longer fashionable in japan
now theyre only used for gay gag humor
Just look at JoJo for proof.

Anyone else watching this "yet another mahou shoujo" airing tomorrow? It seems like it's going to be lighthearted but for some reason I get the feeling it's going to get dark.

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>it's going to be dark
Make sure to look up who is in involved and check their past works.
People were hyping up Madoka at day1 because of Urobuchi and Studio shaft
>It seems like it's going to be lighthearted but for some reason I get the feeling it's going to get dark.
I bet 10 internets that this shit will replace battle harem soon
I'll watch the first episode but my expectations are pretty low.

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Which Shiro would you Bako?
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S2 when?
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Goth-loli-sama, Satou, and Diesel in that order.

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