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remember this? haha
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What am I looking at?

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Where were you when Sinbad died?
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Wat the hell is going on
>next time, many more surprises

Oh fuck off with that. It ruins any expectation people can naturally have about what's currently happening if you tell them there are many more twists ahead. Time for a keikaku pissing contest I guess.
Maybe Fish will go there and save Sinbad and kick Ugo's ass again.

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Which one is Ash's new Starter /a/?
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i'm willing to bet the bottom 6 are not real
>Seal (male)
I hope he'll pick the bird.

There is nothing wrong with liking acute little girls. Do you agree?
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Now you're just being obtuse
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I don't want to meet the guy who doesn't like Ren-chon.
Fuck you, that was a typo.

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>Dominant office lady
You guys don't actually like this, do you?
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Pantyhose are usually a given for office ladies so yes I do.
No, I don't.

I fucking love it.
No, I like demure OLs that keep little stuffed animals at their desks or whatever it is cute japanese girls do

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>is very well known in norse mythology
>cool character design
>most hype servant when Apocrypha first came out
>died for some shitty lame reason
>got replaced by a literal who, who suddenly became the MC and became Siegfried 2.0 but 100x more shit.
For what purpose? Why kill Siegfried if he's just going to replaced by a fucking cheap knock-off garbage?

Apocrypha's writing is so fucking shit mayne.
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Apocrypha is absolute trash.
Everything after Fate/Zero is trash.
Saddens me for what Fate has become.
>shit writing

Stay tuned for stunning revelations about the colour of the sky, and how water feels.


Green is still the best.
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No contest. Green wins.
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Purple > Blue > Dark Green > Trollbot >>>> Red >>>>>> Yellow
>6 years later
No no no no no. I refuse to believe it's been 6 years.

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Pokemon is dead.
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Holy shit it's in the game? HAHAHAHA
>wanting a shitty mega that loses to a fucking charizard

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How do you feel about this?

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>The "Eiga 'Koe no Katachi' Special Book," which contains a new chapter of the manga for filmgoer

Fuck maybe it has kiss.
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Anime is dying they said.

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Just fuck her already.

In other News: We are at 4 grils.

Picture semi-related.
Release at Crunchy.
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Ending: he doesn't fuck any of the girls and is sent back to his world after saving their world. The method of traveling between worlds is lost forever and they never see each other again. The end.
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Jeez these girls wanting to fuck me all the time are so annoying!
I'd add that he find each of them a fitting husband that loves them.

Then when he gets home he is teleported onto a normal street and meets Truck-chan.

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>One of the characters in the main cast is filthy rich
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Doesny this happen a lot in japan?
>everyone thinks one of the main characters is [attribute]
>little do they know, she's ACTUALLY [opposite attribute]

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>she sees your contact list
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>having a phone in 2016
You will never see my non-existent contact list, filthy demon!

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Just finished reading the manga, really enjoyed it.
What are /a/ toughts on Claymore?
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It's shit.
Raki a shit
Eat my cock.

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This is a japanese girl (male) thread.
Anime when?
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Im still waiting for the figure.
Is this already over, who won?
love wins.

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Would you do drugs with you're waifu?
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No and my waifu wouldn't either
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Drugs are for degenerates.

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