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Today is the day.

Let's hope someone will sub first episode so we wouldn't have to wait one more week.
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So if the first episode is a week late, are they gonna have 2 episodes next week?
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>those anime designs
What went wrong?

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Thoughts on Boichi's new manga
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>Let's use THAT.
I'm sold.
is this Wallman?

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I want to go on nighttime adventures with this thief.

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Do it, anon
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Do what? Adventure with Chris? I'm not in fantasy Australia though.
Don't we all anon ;_;.

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>Character dies
>They're grayed out in the OP
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>Final ED for the entire series is the first OP
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I love this shit
>Hype as fuck fight teased in OP
>Those two characters never fight

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She is my girlfriend, I love her.
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Get back to work, Hifumin.
Your girlfriend is a middle schooler.
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pedo scum

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Wait, how is Zamasu actually Black Goku? Goku's body would've been useless because he's dead in the future timeline.
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Reviewing the clip he could've transferred his heart over but that doesn't make sense because he said he killed the original Goku so it must be a metaphor for him transferring his soul.
Immortal Zamasu is the zamasu from future trunks timeline, black zamasu is from another timeline where goku didnt get killed I guess.
That Zamasu is from a different timeline. He killed gowasu without a hitch, got his wish to switch and become Black. Put on the ring and then went timeline hopping.

Next ep we'll see how he meets the Zamasu who wished to be immortal.

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Where did it go so wrong?
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Around when the time of Rukia's exection got changed.
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Why is this allowed?

Do you think they will kiss soon?

My heart can't take this pressure.
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Have they made up yet? I haven't read it in weeks because I can' take unhappy shit in my fluffy Coreen internet scrolls.
It's Japanese.
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How does format make money?
If they were to print not only would the pages be awkward in length but it's all in colour so it's costly. The anime was netflixed from day 1 so I doubt people would buy many blu-ray.

I vaguely remember them shilling some emoji pack in the manga literally how does the author eat??

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Rewatching Ghost In The Shell. It's been a while, and I don't remember much of it at all...

Which order should I start to watch the movies or the show from?
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Watch 1995 movie and both S.A.C. seasons. Arise is optional and avoid Innocence like a plague.
kill yourself pleb normie retarded faggot
>Watch 1995 movie
which one: the original or 2.0? does it make a difference?

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Why are middle schoolers so sexy?
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Why are old hags so sexy?
That's a high-school graduate and productive member of society, not a middle schooler.

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S-she's angry! W-what do you do, /a/?
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/pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head /pat_head/pat_head
Give her pudding!
What Manga is she from?

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What an opportunistic bitch
>I declined a marriage proposal from a guy that likes me cause i'm more into pussy than sauerkrauts
>Then again i'd let her use my hole in exchange he sends his men to kill my enemies
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>marrying a German
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>is willing to whore herself out and forfeit her own ambitions for the sake of her people
Wow, what a cunt. I hate her.

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all of them
I would befriend Reiko so hard.

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The MC of the last anime you watched is now your wingman. Describe the two you's success.
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Well shit... We're screwed...
I want my wingman to be Brief to be honest
We would be doing /x/ + /diy/ + /g/ stuff
I don't know? Guess ill score some sweet twintails?

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He did nothing wrong when you really think about it
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He turned Asterisk/Arslan/Kiba flavored mediocrity into anime Satan of this decade.
SAO was really stupid even before he appeared in scene.
SAO was fucking shit so it doesn't matter

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