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>CCS came out in 1998, and sakura was 12
>2016-1998 = 18
>18 + 12 = 30
>sakura is technically 30

So, if you are sexually attracted to sakura, does that actually mean that you are a normal guy with a MILF fetish?
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Good thing I'm only sexually attracted to loli Sakura.
There is a new manga that started a few month ago and she's still young. Checkmate.

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ITT: happy Halloween
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I'd give them some candy if you catch my drift?
You would if you could, but you can't and never will so I laugh.

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You ARE going to buy my anime, right /a/?
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fuck off already
This looks like Funi screenshot. So, no.

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post rare mugis
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>Canadian Mugi
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Alright /a/ its the end of the weekend. That means we get to choose which /a/ related character we get to gangbang today. And remember its an /a/ gangbang. That means everyone gets a turn. Even those of us with tiny, baby sized penises.

I vote galko.
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I'll post more of her to get this thread going.
fuck off already daily bbc slut

left or right?
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Have you watched magical Uta-Pri clone yet?
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Kohana is a genuinely likable character unlike Hypnotoad.
I didn't expect to be entertained by this

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Why does /a/ never talk about Hyakko?
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Because it's a show from 2007, author dropped the manga and so season 2 never.
why don't you talk about it in your OP?

nice post. saged
Did she get with the teacher in the end?

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Weekly diving drinking bros thread
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Chapter 28 in 5 days!

Previous chapters:





chapter 26-27
Where are my fastscans?

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NicoMaki a shit.
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fuck off already
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I refuse.
>Dissing the truest of all OTP
I hope you get shot.

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Is there going to be a third season? please
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Scat taste.
You wish
No, author dropped the series.

>the twins won the Hakubowl

How does this make you feel, /a/?
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If true, picked the fuck up.
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Only good for dancing in the sunlight. Such a disappointment.
And sex and almost everything.

>Haku tried to trick them with Nekone like everyone else.
>they immediately see through the ruse and give him footrubs.

Best girls.

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>you will never carry her like a princess
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mild > wild
True, Riko is better than Maki.
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Nagi is the one that's gonna be princess carried by her.

Remember a time hentai artists didn't draw rape, NTR, corruption, mindcontrol and other sick shit all the time?
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There are still plenty of vanilla artists

I know it hurts when a good artist draws fetishes you don't like but you just have to hold that and move on anon
I have a Dream! That one day, every anon in this internet will control their own fap material. A land of the truly uncensored, dammit. a hentai network of ACTION, not words. Ruled by Nakadashi, not Yaoi. Where the content changes to suit the individual, not the other way around. Where Doujins and H manga are back where they belong: In the hands of the people! Where every anon is free to think -- to fap -- for himself! Fuck all these limp-dick censorship and chiken-shit RomComs. Fuck this 24/7 spew of Magical School Harems and Beta MC's! Fuck Real Life Porn. Fuck your waifu! (Literally) Fuck all of it! Hentai is diseased, rotten to the core. There's no saving it. We need to pull it out by the roots. Wipe the di--- slate clean, burn it down! And from the ashes a new Hentai will be born! Evolved but untamed. The NTR will be purgued, and the Vanilla will Thrive. They'll make Hentai Great Again!!!

No bullshit, Vanilla is better
Is this the "MAKE MY CRIPPLE LEGS SPIN LIKE A HELICOPTER" one or was that some different hmanga?

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Why do people act like this series had so much strategy put into the fights? Overloading the fights with lengthy exposition and "I know you know that I know that you knew about my keikaku" doesn't make a fight strategic it just bogs it down and makes it awkward to read.

Dragonball's fights are not only more streamlined and better choreographed but they actually have more strategy and tension them as well. (Krillin vs Chaozu, Jackie Chun vs Goku, Goku vs King Piccolo, etc).
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It's the typical anime problem of EVERYONE IS SUPER GENIUS LEVEL SSS
but clown is an idiot
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