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fixed your joseph, now he can be the main character again
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go die
Keep the wrinkles.
Ah, it's Ladd Russo

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So, is it just me or is there been a large amount of whales, predominantly flying, featured in anime lately? or am i just looking too much into it?

for instance:
- re:zero - weird ass flying whale demon thing
- Boy and the Beast - weird ass whale thing
- Flying Witch - weird ass flying whale construct
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The Japanese love whales.
reckon theyre feeling guilty for eating them all?

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Is it worth reading?
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Current arc is just pure fanfic tier writing while everything before it was weeks of boredom with a few decent moments
I remember finishing the Tokyo Ghoul manga a year ago. Should I refresh my memory, or should I just dive right into Re?
Kubo Tier

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OPM is the best anime of all time.
prove me wrong.
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Boku no Pico
Mob Psycho is better
Your shitposting is the cancer of /a/

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When did the art become so nice?

Also, the anime original content is completely ignored

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Winter 2016
How far is it planning to get? Just the impure king?
There's a reason it's called "Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Impure King Arc".
They might throw in some fluffy filler episode but it'll stick to just the one arc.

"Fubuki-chan, come join me in Tier 6."
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too bad she's only getting her crap "c hull"....
Flip side is we're prob getting poi sooner then later
Haifuri collab when
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If the anime is good, Fusou will experience happiness!

Why is Mike-chan such a wonderful captain?
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Because Shiro is her mayonnaise.
Because she thinks of her crew as a family
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Remove Mike.

Does anyone else get the feeling that Nano is a robot? She's got a key on her back and everything.
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Why would a robot need a key, that's fucking retarded.
She's powered by clockworks.

I'd wind her mainspring!
Because it's moe

So, what was the point of creating Azuma anyway?

He showed little to no development throughout S1, has been shown to be a weak, bland, plain, stupid, useless character and mediocre heart bearer.
Kaoruko surpassed him overwhelmingly in a single episode and has being favored since the beginning of the series.

Wouldn't have been better to make her the MC and leave Azuma as a secondary character?

Azuma is so much of a jobber it's painful to watch, and judging from previous season creators probably have no intention of developing his character or make him any stronger anytime soon, maybe never.
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I must say, I was expecting her to be an annoying cunt.
Turns out she's funny and entertaining, not counting she's hot as fuck.
I disagree with azuma being weak and stupid. He was pretty alpha as fuck last season. Mediocre maybe since he was just getting into the heart stuff and from this new season, the imouto seems to be the opposite of azuma even from when they were together on the floating island, so she kinda got a headstart in befriending people and outspoken heart owner.
I found her annoying.

Really just wanted to see the interaction between her and Azuma from not seeing each other for so long.

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Winter is coming.
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Fuck Kokona
>watching mountain lesbians


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>All Out (Rugby)
>Haikyuu (Volleyball)
>Keijo (Echii Ninja Warriors)
>Longriders (Cycling)
>Shakunetsu (Ping Pong)
>Tiger Mask (Wrastling)
>Yuri on Ice (Skating)
I refuse to believe that this is a coincidence, anyone know why we're getting so many "sports" anime this season? Particularly odd that fewer than half of them are fujobait.
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The austist neet isekai shit era is over.

you forgot Days (football)
> The austist neet isekai shit era
When the fuck was that era? We never even got two of those in a single season. Basically every single season there were as many or more mecha, sports, battle shounen, harems, SoL, etc. as isekai, people just liked to shitpost about isekai more.
but we still are in the cgdct era

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Didn't know Homu play ping pong
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Help me out with genki and munemune-senpai
Genki is Miyako.
Yuki from School live look like Munemune-senpai but without the tits
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Incredible line-up, truly a miracle on paddles.

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why is the coloring on most of their anime so crisp?
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Because they know what they're doing, unlike most other studios.
bones is one of the most inconsistent studios out there, so no.
I disagree. Especially if you're talking about the crispness of color, like OP is. What show are you talking about that is poor color design wise?

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Finished Petit tan and really far ahead in Imouto. This is mainly for catch up. I will still do a few Imouto chapters since I have time. And open to suggestions for anything else.
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I want to has a Suzu.

Comfortable look

"It's hoooooooot"
"Aaaaghhh I don't need clothes anymore"

"Don't say that, take it all off then get naked, okay?"
"I get it"

"Because I noticed it's more erotic to get half naked these days"
"You don't get iiiiiittt!!"
Comic 1
Comfortable look (Continued)

"When you're gonna laze around on a hot day"
"If you go with pants, it'll get drenched with sweat"

"You say that but if it's a skirt"
"It'll get turned over and you can see it"

"So clothes with good ventilation"
"And something that'll hide your panties..."

"Onii-chan, welcome back!"
"We are in bloomer heaven thanks to the heat"

Comic 2
Like a near relative

"Manaka, are you going to Hokkaido for the Obon festival?"
"Yeah, to see my grandma"

"My dad's been busy with work these days, so he hasn't been able to go to his parents' place"
How nice

"It's the so called"
"Children offering services for their parents" [TN: She means sex services]

"Oh I should've said a family visit"
"Don't cause trouble for the people in Hokkaido"

Was anyone else really disappointing by the ending ? I really was expecting a twist in the end
but got a generic ending.
also crusch best girl
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If you think Crusch is best girl then be glad they didn't show the true ending.
There was a twist but you just didn't notice it.
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but Priscilla is best girl and the true king

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