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Why are Mexican openings so fuckin good?

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A lot of what you posted is not mexican.

You should've just said Latam openings because it's embarrassing.
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Because we're weebs
Most of them.are Mexican tho

Fuck sudacas

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Choose your Yotsuba
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June Yotsuba is a happy Yotsuba.
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Do you find yourself attracted to certain kind of anime girls?

What does that say about the fgirls i like irl?

Also post yours
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>girls i like irl?
Oooh, bad move there. Your thread has an honest chance but you just killed it.

I'll say that it's a good thing you're interested in 3D girls, since judging by your choices you're into slutty, gluttonous women.

I don't really have a particular type. So long as they're not violent tsunderes, or secretly men, anything is fine.
Why'd you copy the other thread? With the same pic even.
>fgirls i like irl

Kill yourself at all times.

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Fairy Tail had a perfect premise and the potential to rival or dethrone Naruto or even One Piece. Even the anime had a bigger production value than the big 3 combined at the start.

How did it manage to fall completely flat against its hype and become an irrelevant semi-ecchi borefest?
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Because in actuality the mangaka didn't have that potential. He wants silly ecchi so there you go.
>fairy tail
>ever having good production values
>especially compared to Naruto
Fairy tail is absolute garbage

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Just finished reading Bleach.

We waited 15+ years for THAT?

Just what was Kubo thinking? And what was the reaction to the last chapter?
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YHVH please go.
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Largely indifference and some butthurt by shipperfags.
That's it.

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>You will NEVER watch the Golden Age Arc for the first time ever again
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It was pretty boring. Worst arc desu
>Happiness is boring
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Not a problem. Berserk 2016 and 2017 will be there to fill the void.

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Volume 12 translations updated.
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>implying anyone at /jp/ reads light novels
>implying the thread wouldn't archive with 0 posts

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How do people actually sleep like this? I've tried to avoid sleep paralysis and it feels like you're gonna snap your neck.
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she has really long arms
I sleep on my stomach, but it's close to the recovery position than just straight down.
Her great tits keep her face high enough so she can breath.

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don't question it
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I'd give her a ball of yarn and my dick.

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Give my 1 good reason for why you aren't listening to Kum soccer tod right now.

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I am.
I'm so fucked up
That's good

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>Mou ikkai
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hinata shouyou.png
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None of the girls in that show were enough to save it from being shit
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please be mindful of your bandwidth costs, for hiro-san's sake

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I know this show must be shitty, but the main girl is cute enough to make me wanna watch it. Is it a tolerable shittiness? The male MC in particular looks like the biggest beta faggot ever.
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It's literally just a generic harem show
If you're a big fan of Lovecraft you might enjoy it, otherwise don't bother.
No idea but apparently it's OP song is the same as the ED from Shimoneta.
>main girl is cute enough to make me wanna watch it
Yeah, and the OP / ED is top tier.

I want to protect this smile.
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there's no replies.gif
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Here is a reply
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Glasses and braid girl the best girl.

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What was her major malfunction?
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She lacks new seasons.
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She's a slave to the dragon.
With 104 episodes of the main series I think that the show got plenty of love. However it would have been nice if they had just adapted the rest of the LNs rather than do stupid shit like they did with Revolution.

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You wake up as the main protagonist of the last anime you saw, What would you change, and how do you think it would affect the story?
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I would make it so that whoever watches the anime never thinks about making a thread akin to
>You wake up as the main protagonist of the last anime you saw, What would you change,

>and how do you think it would affect the story?
this thread wouldn't have been made
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>Shuumatsu no Izetta
I convince my lesbo witch girlfriend to fight for the not!Nazis
> Yu-gi-oh Arc-V

Oh man, this'll be good.

First, rebuild Yuya's deck to be as meta as I can get pure Performapals.

Second order of business: Yuzu never leaves my sight EVER.

With those changes it'd probably last only like 70 episodes, cause everyone would have to come to me and I could beat them with degenerate solitaire.

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