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isn't Mechazawa a nice guy?
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pretty cool guy
there's something about him though
He's clearly a robot.

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Chapter 7 of CUTEST BUG is out.
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Ogeha was too pure for this world
this is fucking disgusting
Pick one.

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What is the best romance anime of this season and why it's Hibike?
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I agree. There's something about Shuuichi and Kumiko that's really enjoyable.
Final kissing scene will be good.

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s2 when
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Isn't there a spinoff airing this season?
Ping Pong Girl or something?
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>My parents are overseas
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>My OP is sung by a talentless hack
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>The sister is NBR
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>school setting

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It's eight of clock!

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And it's here again.
Today's the day
The third of october can't.. oh

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I've been reading harems since 2005, and I realized Umi no Misaki really spoiled me. There hasn't been a good series like it since then.

No, Nisekoi isn't good.
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Honeymoon Salad is a great series. Haven't read anything else that's good since.
Nice oxymoron.
boku no pico is an /a/ favourite
just download it

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What the fuck are these pages? I'm reading a comic book, not a book. You can not put like pages in a comic book, it's absurd. Fuck Magi. Stop reading. I've seen people say they are the best pages. What? Is this a joke? What's nice in these pages? Nothing! I remind you that it is a comic, not a book. Magi is a comic that I would never recommend.
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when was this?
Use the catalog, retard. >>148065631
fuck of general fag

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Looks retarded lmao
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You deserve a (you) at least

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Am I full of shit or DDY subs for this show are shit? I never had any problems with their subs but I also never compared. Or it is just me? Am I dumb for prefering HS over DDY?
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HS are consistently better than most sub groups these days.
First comparison: Need to know what they're saying because the subs are completely different.
Second comparison: DDY
Third comparison: Both are shit.
For the provided examples, DDY looks like english sentences, HS like machine translation.
Not like it can be generalized with such a small data set anyway.

Currently reading through Noragami and I'm surprised I've never seen a thread about it on /a/. Characters are great, lore is fun, comedy is actually pretty good and the plot is engaging enough to get you hooked. The anime was also surprisingly good for an advertisement if you disregard the original ending.

Do you like Noragami /a/? Who is your favorite gami/shinki?
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There were threads when the anime aired. It's great.
Is that Ebisu? I don't remember him appearing in the anime at all.
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It's one of my favourites actually. Too bad the manga feels like it releases once every decade right now (especially since they've been on one big fight scene for the past half year).

I like literally all the characters, but if I had to pick, favourite god is Bishamon and favourite shinki is Nana.

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Why isn't your waifu /fit/?
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She is.
Because I'm not a faggot who is attracted to masculine traits.
I swear to god people who post her can't spell her full name off the top of their head.

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>spend season 1 world-building and introducing mysteries
>season 2 is 10 hours of pic related
>no signs of season 3

What a waste of time
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Read the manga, Nihei hands out some rather clever explanations for everything
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>season 2 is 10 hours of pic related
At least she wins so it wasn't 10 hours of nothing for nothing.

Benisuzume best grill.
>no signs of season 3

S3 would be much, much, much worse than S2, which was at least decent. The last chater was as silly as an omake chapter, that's how bad it gets. Be glad that you misssed how Nihei totally trashed his own work.


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Bless you.
Would her snot taste like dagashi?
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Why is Anthy's hand so big?
Literally no proof that they had sex.

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