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Post some patrician mosaics.
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2/2 I think, Colorful Ninja and is top right that anti-war one from early in the year? Any of the others any good?
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You First.jpg
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You guys are ok.
But that's mine.

You got it.
Others are:
"Parade" de Satie (Yamamura)
Notre chambre (Orikasa)
Kaze no Matasaburou
Age of Obscure (Mizue)
Natsu no gero wa fuyu no sakana (Kabuki)
Moving Colors (Taku Team)
Seasons (Twoth/Trips & Bibliomania)
haven't actually seen parade or age of obscure though

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>do you miss us yet anon?
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Sonic is a nigger
I miss the voice actors.
Oh this happened and was an anime. How do japs feel about sonic anyway? Is there an autistic fanbase over there too?

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>Sophie taller than Yukina
>Yukina is exactly the same

┬┐White and nip genes?
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Humans who pledge to a mecha become immortals
There's already a thread up.

Yukina is basically stuck with the body of a teenager for all eternity unless she gets killed.

Also, Yukihime ruined this show.
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attention span

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Dumping chapters 1-3.
11 translated chapters out.
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Is flat still justice?
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Is it ever not justice?
Flat never stopped being justice.
and never will

5 years later and I'm still waiting on that reunion.
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It was so fucking difficult finding a torrent for this show. Awful series name.
5 years later I still remember how hard I dropped it by episode No. 6.
5 years later and I still remember how retarded the ending was

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What does she have in mind?
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Candy making

You wake up to find yourself in a pic related situation. Your family is beginning to worry about your tastes in girls.

What do? How do you throw them off your trail? Or do you go off the deep end and accept the branding?
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do you stick it to the man, society, and the worlds expectations?
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do you bite the bullet and start dating real girls in your age group?
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do you try and fight your addiction head on?

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8 years ago today, the first episode of greatest love story ever told was aired.
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Eureka Seven was 11 years ago.
15 minutes ago today this same thread had already been made
that was me

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What a fucking tsundere.
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I dropped this at episode 19. Why the fuck this fag is still alive?
Because none of the protagonists were competent enough to shoot him out of the sky.
Also plot armor.
Ultimate guide how to watch Delta:
1) Watch episodes 1-13.
2) Read this spoiler: Windies declare war against the whole galaxy
3) Watch episodes 16-18.
4) Read this spoiler: Mikumo is captured
5) Watch episode 25 for some additional explanations.
6) Watch episode 26.

This way viewer won't miss much plot related nad probably won't even be confused too much, but he will avoid all boring and exposition episodes.

It's disgusting that I'm starting to recognize your posts. When will you learn what plot armor means, retard? How can "plot" armor protect him if he is not important for the plot?

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Toradora aired 8 years ago today october 2nd 2008
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And Inko is still best girl
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Cheers then.
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>8 years since the greatest love story came out

59 days, 8 hours, and 13 minutes until the next annual Torddora Christmas.

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Since naruto is over and bleach is irrelevant, what are the new big 3?
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I'm pretty sure it's Bleach that's over and Naruto that's irrelevant.
Do we really need another big 3?

Why is Hayama such a bitch?
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Hayama being a bitch literally drives half the jokes.
Teru is perfect.
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Why is Futaba so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

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ITT: Mediocre Bandwagon-tier manga
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You're a bitch
Because "shit" makes it too obvious.

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Would i enjoy this with the unbiased view of an adult man instead of an impressionable teenager like most of us were when it aired?
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Watch it and find out.
I did.
t. adult manchild with unbiased view
I can list reasons why you should or should not watch it.

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