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Name a character that would be more of a bro to have

Pro tip: you can't
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Why is Fino so perfect?
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semen demon genes
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inb4 elf
Best laugh

Why do nips love high school so much? In reality you won't associate with classmates from your high school or college/university anymore after you graduate.

You only make contact with your family or co-workers.
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It's the only time in their life where they are young and not in slavery.
>In reality you won't associate with classmates from your high school or college/university anymore after you graduate.
Why are you applying your stupid Western culture to Japan?

The reason high school is a popular setting is because that is when the Japanese feel they have the most freedom. They have free time to join clubs, get a job, or hang out, they fall in love for the first time, and they usually decide on their life path before graduating. It's similar to how college/university is viewed in the west.
Once they enter the workforce, their free time and hobbies cease to exist, all they have is work. Around 40% of all Japanese adults (male and female) haven't even had sex.

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Why aren't there more swole girls in anime?
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too much pussies watching.
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Japan has shit taste.

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would you a fairy?
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I'd step on her and feel the guts squishing between my toes. Then scrape her remains off onto some bread, jerk off on that and eat it.
In the asshole.

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> [HorribleSubs] Gakuen Handsome - 04 [720p].mkv

Only handsome anons may post in this thread.
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reporting in for short of the year
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Gauken Handsome ED.webm
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Who'd have thought this show would give us loli of the season?

Ritsu is for ________.
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They actually did it the absolute verrückte Männer...
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>the absolute verrückte Männer...
Please learn German before you speak it.
Well tell us Hans, is it decent or no?
OP can't speak German.
The dub is bad. Why would you doubt that for even a second though?

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Jokes aside, did it deliver?
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why is the vn so overrated?, because is key shit?
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Because it's one of the best written VNs out there? Its depth knows perhaps no true limits and its foreshadowing is done so naturally and something seldom done to this extent.
What? Second season? Hasn't aired yet.

First season? We got what was expected. Shitty amalganation of all routes with bad end.

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Shinji Ikari is the most complex and well written character in anime.

He actually showed incredible bravery and his haters are likely the more low IQ, moeshit anime style fans. The depth of Shinji's character, confuses and enrages them.
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He really is not.
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It's Ikari Shinji you faggot.

That's not really an argument

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God-tier endings
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Best Inuyasha opening
Ending* fuck

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I thought so.

The pain of it ending is starting to numb thankfully.

True, but on other merits (particularly character development) it easily beats most of their later works. Hyouka is debatable but I'd still go with the Keions.

Mugi best girl
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Atleast the newfags are finally getting around to good anime.

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I don't know how I should feel about this chapter but my gut reaction was "fuck this".

Boku no Hero Academia >>148957328
World Trigger >>148957681
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Still like the way this artist's draws bodies. It's different from the usual fare.
That was a fast beach chap.

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Incest bait
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Who doesn't love this?
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villian joining the good guys

>manga is called Seven Deadly Sins
>only 3 of them actually does anything while the rest are literally support tier characters
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Latest chapter spoilers.

Can we have best canon pair already? Can we?! Jesus fuck, please remember him already. Amnesia was a giant kick to the nuts, if it goes south again I'm gonna be so fucking mad.
I find it funny that she covers up her breasts, but leaves her vagina completely exposed.
>NNT is literally FT tiers bad now

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