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Weekend Waifu and Husbando Drawthread #1

Remember to relax and spook it easy.

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A joint request with Hinafag like practicing magic together or anything more specific that he may have in mind.

Tharja dressed up in any of these characters clothes or any of Kirias outfits.

Tharja with any Alolan Pokemon or dressed as any character in Sun/Moon.

Tharja refs - http://imgur.com/a/fdPxg
SI refs - http://imgur.com/a/jHKHG
I would like to request Mai Natsume pole dancing with her spear; maybe similarly to how she's in these images:
Or in one of these poses: https://i.imgur.com/3CeYUkR.jpg

Another suggestion is Mai dressed as Kyoko Sakura from Madoka (preferably holding Kyoko's spear):

Other ideas would also be appreciated.
Requesting any of the following ideas with Rias:
- holding the game case for Pokemon Sun & Moon and looking really excited

- wearing the same swimsuit as Mio Kusukai (from Keijo)

- standing in a wrestling ring with an Incineroar

kisekae reference: http://i.imgur.com/NyHSLXX.png

Anything cool or cute would also be appreciated. Thank you and have a nice day.

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semen demon.png
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RIZE SOON. Spoilers in 24 hours.
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Best Ghoul gets her time in the limelight.

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Oh boy!
Translation of the poem

The end of the trial

All lies are being revealed.

All sins are being judged.

The first thing that disappoints you is anger,

and if you’re sick of being mad, then it will try to kill you.

A god that is willing to murder for atonement,

is no different than you people.

Next is a single leaf from a fig tree

that conceals a body without leaving a trace.

It carries through while it is still vivid.

As blood spills in that moment, you softly laugh.

The ark is being swayed like a casket.

“It’s okay if a cute person catches your eye!”

And then I went blind.

God is resentful because of his lost eyesight.

Because of your self-righteousness,

how many have had their blood spilled,

how many have suffocated in the depths of the sea?

The buildings are gravestones floating in the sea.

And as they creak, the crooked foundation

one day breaks with a quick snap.

That is when you experience the dull figures with your eyes.

That is when you stack up the limbs of someone you love.

That is when you get tired and fall asleep.

It happens, so abruptly.

Submerging beneath the sea again.

People are bound to lose.

Our gradual burial at sea.

Everyone I know has died,

and I cry to the point of dying.

Before long, everyone became a pillar of salt

and it too, dissolved into the sea.

If the world ends for someone I know, then that’s okay.

The cradle swayed and disintegrated.

The sea filled up with salt and dried out.

A throat is punched with holes, and all the blood began to sing.

You will no longer be able to stop laughing.

When the world ends, the last person alive will truly think he is a villain.

Would you watch anime that sets in WW1?
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Not if it has roaches in it
Didn't those guys had Elite Kebab troops?
Watching allies get curbstomped in Gallipoli would be fun though.

Higan Hikou Shoujo Naeko
Some of you might remember that the raws were dumped last week and then live-translated by two kind anons.
Now it's all redrawn and typeset, so I'm going to dump it again.
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f you'd rather read it on your own time, here's the zip:
Special thanks to bezald for providing the raws and watermarking every single goddamn page for me to erase.

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Busty redheads are for ____________.
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gattai !!
Shit taste
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Smug paizuri

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>Subs: "Good luck!"

Any other common sub errors that piss you off?
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>Subs: "OP"
This pisses me off but it's not an error.
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>watching hana and alice
>hana says "no reactionu" in engrish
>translated to "he was stone-faced"
I just don't understand why.

How can others even compete?
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By not being sluts
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By being T H I C C & cowtits
>Not a slut
Good joke

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crappy series.jpg
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I wasted 5 years on this crappy series, watching it change from a guy getting bullied slowly get stronger and build a harem to a sappy melodramatic romance.
>multiple characters left in the dust
>no fighting for the last 100 chapters
>jaegu was a shitty protag
>DalDal didn't win the jaegu bowl
I don't know why I followed it
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glad its over and didnt follow after the first 100 chapters
Oh shit. I'm glad I dropped it when they started to get all angsty with the rich girl's spaghetti.
wouldn't say its a total loss but the last arc was unnecessary, could had trimmed a few plot lines here and there and focus more on his character and be an actual battle manga

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Miura's influences then:

>Western movies (Conan the Barbarian, Excalibur, The Thing, Hellraiser, Flesh and Blood, Spirit of the Beehive, etc) and Japanese comics (Devilman, Fist of the North Star, Rose of Versailles)

Miura's influences now:

>Idol master

This sums up anime in a nutshell. Then cool shit. Now just moe and autism.
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It was 90's moe back then.
that unicorn is totally going to fuck her though
Guts' facial appearance was inspired by Rutger Hauer.

If anyone was curious...

Choose your favorite design.
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9 Choose favorite
0 Get nothing
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What anime studio is the worst?
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Currently? Diomedia.
All of their latest anime are complete shit. Not even memeing.
>Dio Media
NHK when they do a rare in-house animation these days.

Toei of the majors has a reputation of being 'she'll be right on the night' at best.

>Be obsessed with old men
>The only males interested in you are shotas
Is there a more tortured existence than Tamaki Honda's?
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I'm pretty sure her daddy gives her all the "love" she needs.
Why is she such a massive slut?
She just likes her daddy

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What exactly did this guy do wrong again?

>Muh child soldiers
Just like the academy and chunin system. No difference at all.

>Manipulating Itachi to kill the Uchiha
The Uchiha were literal traitors conspiring to take over Konoha and depose the Hokage. They had to be stopped.

>Stealing the eyes
From dead people. He stole them from dead traitors. Nothing wrong with that.

>Putting the curse mark on his soldiers
A 100% secure countermeasure against treason and the leaking of information detrimental to the village. Again, nothing wrong.

>Attacking Shisui
Just about the only questionable thing here, as Shisui was one of the only Uchiha not to be a traitor. Still, he only used Shisui's eye to fight for Konoha, so that isn't too bad.
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Who cares , his death chapter was perfect and died like a nameless hero
wasn't he planning on coup detat sarutobi? its been a while but i remember that dude being a bad dude
His actions also lead to the creation of Pain since he didn't want peace with the Rain and Leave villages.

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Post your favorite OP/EDs


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>inb4 naruto was shit
Doesnt make the opening bad


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>he wants to lewd lolis
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Just some of them.
Like Mashiro.
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Be honest, you probably made this thread to get some lewd lolis.
Didn't you?

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