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Just finished 12 Kingdoms.

What did /a/ think about it?

Rakushun a best
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I'll just bump this once
Wish it had a reboot because the animation did not age well at all. Rakushun and Yoko had a cute relationship.
I loved the first part. Then it became kingdom management. Tell me the 2nd part is worth it anons.

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More like Bestarossa!
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I prefer chidy tity
>mfw FMP is free from kyoanus clutches and in the hands of based Xebec

What a time to be alive.
So with the new staff we have a good mix of the old staff members and some newcomers to FMP who have experience in mecha anime like EXODUS, Gundam 00, Yamato, etc.

What are the odds that FMP4 will surpass what Gonzo and KyoAni did? I think they have a good shot given the material after TSR is even better and the author has full control on every aspect of the writing. The director also has worked on the rebuild movies so Anno must value him highly which means he must have some talent.

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Horriblesubs are yurifags.

No surprise.
Yurifags are the worst
Fujos are worse.

Ako is not a slut or 'easy'
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of course not,she is just an airhead
I mean, she is pretty easy.
>show up to her room
>she immediately offers herself
oyakodon hmanga when

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Why is this piece of shit allowed to be alive?

Just watching this show I want to strangle this little bitch to death.
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I want to choke her with my cock.
she's the only one who remembered nee-chans birthday, she's a good girl
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i want to put my tongue deep in her ass

Did he get to fondle them?
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>Lewding the SOL witch
does manga go any further? i'm kinda put off by the art
Kei is literally the best husband one can possibly get.

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Why doesn't he just regrow his arm? This is a huge plot hole.
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>The Naraka Path (地獄道, Jigokudō) grants the user two main abilities: interrogation and restoration

>The second ability the Naraka Path possessed is the ability to repair any damage. To do so the Naraka Path has the King of Hell ingest the damaged body with its tendril-like arms into its mouth, then, after some time, the destroyed body will emerge from its mouth, completely rejuvenated
OP BTFO in first reply
Why the fuck are he and Naruto even struggling against new guys post-finale?
They are literally walking gods, especially in Sasuke case. His eyes are too fucking powerful.

What's your favorite studio?

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>Not having Gainax in your picture.
>Placing Bones at the top of your voting poll.
Crooked, lyin' OP. I will only accept the outcome of this poll if Gainax wins. I remember a time when Kyoanimation wasn't a thing.

Vote Gainax and make /a/ great again!
>no webm
Lyin' Ted.

Quit whining and vote for Gainax.

Strike the ____
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Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.

>AOTS Winter: Phantom World
>AOTS Fall: Hibike
>Best movie of the year: Koe no Katachi

How do they do it?
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daily circlejerk thread
>not trainwreck of the season
Shame you
>Phantom World
>falseflagging this hard

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So who did she get married to?
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Not me.
Him >>149196394

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Following up. Fall is really turning out in terms of new shows. What are you sticking with so far this season?


Strawpoll only allows 30 options, so (most) shorts, 2cours, and second seasons got cut. If your show isn't in the poll, you know what to do. Post it with a vengeance.


> Watching:
Girlish Number

> Dropped
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
Yuri!!! on Ice

> Still need to watch
3-gatsu no Lion

And honestly, there's nothing wrong with the shows I dropped. They're all pretty good. I just haven't had time.
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Where's the backlog option?
Anything notable aside from Hibike and Flippidy?

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Miss us yet?
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as fuck
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Why is Mayaka so cute?
Is she?

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>Part 4 was the best they said
>Boring characters
>Jobber villain
>more retarded monster of the week bullshit but with no real stakes to give a shit about so it makes 70% of the episodes filler
>QUALITY animation
>same shitty soundtrack as Part 3
>"but muh DUWANG!"

What fucking retards said part 4 would be better than part 3? It's worse in almost every single way. This show is Naruto-tier garbage now. I wish I was exaggerating or baiting but I'm sure you apologists will think of some bullshit reason to defend this.
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What got you so worked up, anon?

You need a hand drying those tears?
Don't worry, I read your post. What you said is important and your opinion is in trust.
>What fucking retards said part 4 would be better than part 3?
But it is. Every complaint you said also applies to part 3, but worse.
>Boring characters
>villain that does absolutely nothing for 90% of the part, then loses twice to the MC
>retarded monster of the week bullshit but with no real stakes to give a shit about so it makes 70% of the episodes filler
>shitty soundtrack
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This. In addition the villains are so fucking weak.

>mfw the main villain power is only make thing explode.

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Now you realize that there will never be more noir old school anime with hq animation, gore, uncensored sex scenes (or sex scenes at all), and mature plot regarding crime and gangsters instead of some sensible school kids.

Anime died in 90's
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What is 91 days
Pic not related.
What I realise is that no matter the time period, pathetic nostalgiafaggots like you will never die out.

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