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Are you watching the best yuri show of the season?
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Should I be?
>Yuri anime

As much as I would love that to happen it has yet to be done.
>reverse harem with a fujo gimmick
>still more yuri than any show on this season

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Where did Dragon Ball go wrong?
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Omg is this real?
What is Turles doing back?
When the fandom proof itself foolish and with no standarts, so it was easy to make them happy and to make money.

-They made db heroes, full of what if craps, and it sold a lot
-They hire that moron who created the worse thing that ever happened to DB: DBAF
-They made shit ass games until they realize that make a deviantart-like game was enought, even with a shitty gameplay because these noobs cant play good fighting games like street fighter
-Then they create dbattle of gods, ressurection f, as a test to see if the fans would accept bullshit plot and like the poorly made transformations, and that sold a lot too
-Now they made this new dragon ball department because the franchise became they golden egg chicken

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>it's been over 10 years since Pani Ponies Dash first aired

Where has the time gone? Also why has anime gotten progressively shitter since then
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I wish we can go back to Shaft's golden age.
more like their gilded age
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Fine girls.

let's talk about bikes

s2 when?
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Didn't it kind of flop?
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I seem to remember it having some effect on the bike market in japan, but that may have been thread speculations

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Utapri Thread
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Are we still dead?
Last week's episode had an incredible amount of QUALITY.

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Why is is she best girl?
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Violet is the new future
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Did you mean to post this instead?

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It's your lucky day anons
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Nico Nico Neckyourself
Nico nico neck yourself
Nigga Nigga Nii

Post voices that are practically made for sex.
I'll start with Omigawa Chiaki.

actually had a crush on her ever since i heard her as Maka in soul eater,
then P-ko in arakawa, and then as Hotori.
She's 27 now but sounds just as fuckable as when she was 19, truly a goddess.
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>She's 27 now
Still younger than I am.
Perfect age for me.
35 here.
Wizardry is a lie!
Anything by Marina Inoue.

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QUALITY on Ice.webm
2MB, 800x450px
With the exception of FlipFlappers, why has this season been so bad in terms of animation and visual quality? Even KyoAni has dropped the ball.
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Faggots on ice looks so bad, sasuga mappa production disaster
Fune wo Amu has consistently good low key stuff, like really fluid small character movements.
That's a thing of the director more than the studio. This is her 3rd series plagued with QUALITY on a different studio.
>KyoAni dropped the ball
While working on Koe no Katachi for a single double length episode. That's it the rest is on par with S1.

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Gainax panel at an Anime Expo in the United Arab Emirates is showing a trailer for something titled Desert Knight, can't tell if it's a movie or anything but it looks like its being produced purely for an arabic-speaking audience.
This is a trailer for it, not sure if it's what they're showing:
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what the fuck
I could take the talking statues being idols but
anime is getting too weird for me
Is this all male cast only? where are my cute brown girls Gainax
Why the fuck is Gainax always at those Arab conventions

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How long did the peace last?
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until Suzaku die or grow weak, there isn't anyone who can become the next Zero after his death
A week probably.
Maybe a week. It's impossible for humanity to be at peace.

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ITT: overrated shit
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Aria, a show about nothing.

>If you're game enough
>You could place your trust in me

What are your expectations for LWA, /a/?
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Subpar animation
The-OVA-was-better threads
Akko being a mostly unlikable bitch
A decent, enjoyable show
I'm kinda hoping Yoshinari has learned from the second OVA, he's admitted she's a difficult character to write, and I think as a result she became a difficult character to like.

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What's the moral justification for Shinji to interrupt Instrumentality? An eternity spent without a body or ego sounds superior to 70 years of growing old and dying into an eternal dark abyss.
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hedgehog dilemma etc
I thought Shinji just made it an individual decision, so people can choose to be human or join the goop.
That doesn't explain why Shinji chooses to basically kill the only hope of immortality for mankind. Atleast how I understand it, Instrumentality doesn't seem to have an end.

Why is Naoe such a bitch?
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because she knows
Strike Bitches>Brave Bitches
Dick deprivation.

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