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So what does /a/ think of Cardcaptor Sakura?
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/a/ is a board and does not think

CCS is 10/10 patrcian's choice traditional mahou shoujo, though it wasn't made in a time where everything was one season and 12-13 eps, so in retrospect it'll feel full of filler.

It's like the 90s mahou shoujo meets SoL, almost a precursor to "moeshit"
Really good, needs a DVD rerelease.

Always, ALWAYS skip that Nelvana dub like the plague. I don't care if you liked it as a kid, you were retarded back then and probably still are if you actually want to watch a 90s anime dub.
>he thinks people watch dubs

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What went, dare I say it, right?
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animation, soundtrack, character development. was a bretty gud show desu shame /a/ is full of elitists who hate good anime
is it a shame or is it the point
>character development
Aside from Rem, who?
The next closest is probably Subaru, who didn't really seem to grow or learn from anything whatsoever. He only got the next most development simply because he's the main goddamn character.

Everyone else just disappears from the show.

If you're going to pull some shit out of the WN/LN to justify yourself, then fuck off.

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Shut up and post sillyhats.
>Inb4 boatsluts posters complaining


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>tfw you fapped too hard to 2D for too long and have to fap to 3D for a week or two since it's the only thing that'll work for a while
My sadpanda account stopped working couple days back.
When I login, it just shows me the login page again.
And it's not the password or username being incorrect, as it tells you if that's the case.

My precious collection.

also jojo too, I guess

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Reminder: Do not give Narancia (You)s.

If you stop he will too, eventually.

Also, 2 threads?
Dio Sama
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>tumblr filename

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Basically the neighboring kingdom agreed to financially support the Maoh defense effort in exchange for Alice' marriage, so the gang set out as Alice's guards to disrupt the marriage without destroying the financial agreement.
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New chapter today. Pray for Asuta.
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Dump it.
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As you wish.
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let's hope we don't get anoter half dozen chapters without her.

Incidentally,is that a pair of pliers that this dickhead has? I wonder what he's going to do with them?

I really, really liked Chivalry of a Failed Knight. Is there any chance that we're gonna see more of it animated? I don't want to read the light novels and I don't think they're even translated
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Asterisk War was literally the same anime except ever so slightly better imo, and future setting over modern fantasy setting, go watch that instead, it actually got a second season

like its the same anime, its uncanny, you might freak out a little inside
Stella a shit.
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forgot image

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How about a game of mahjong?

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I bet Akagi could beat her.
I wouldn't put it past him. Toki isn't exactly the strongest mahjong player.
how do i play this bullshit

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Is Shinobu best girl?
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perfect combination of living onahole and femdom
Yup. Without a doubt. Semen demon
She is a loli, JS, JC, JK, cake all in one.

How many layers would you wear in a 24°C work environment?
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1? 75º is like the perfect temperature.
Depends on humidity. If it was dry, that's comfy, but anything over 40-50% and I'd rather be naked.
Don't forget that ACs are sexist against women.

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this is YOU tonight
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I remove my clothes and masturbate.
i always wanted to be a pair of big animay titys
i want to squeeze you

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Your opinion on cel animation.
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An overhyped, outdated technique.
Just like human-controlled cars.
I miss it but I realize that times change and Miyazaki is just a salty fuck with a shitty beard.
It definitely adds a lot of personality to the frames.

So, did everyone drop this?
Less screentime for loud bitch and non jpop Schubert this time.
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I did, it was boring
Really? I liked it a lot actually, way better than the previous episode.
I'm still watching, Anon. I thought this episode was probably the best so far, since we got a little backstory on the Classicaloids and the entire wandering Schubert schtick was fantastic. He'll be missed.

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Rewatched this and I have to say it holds up really well. The art direction was done very well and it is probably one of the best attempts to make a setting that blends magic and future tech.
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Cool character designs too.
Yoshitaka Amano is a god.
Isn't there supposed to be a new Vampire Hunter D tv series coming soon? I hope they keep the god tier character designs from Bloodlust.

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Why the hate?
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The VN was a mixed bag but most enjoyed it. The anime was an abomination. Do the right thing and always read the source material.
There's so much wrong with this comment
First of all, the anime is an original route not adapted in the VN. So reading the source material wouldn't matter.

Second of all, the VN is fucking great you shit
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Kagari route was trash eve if her new character was alright,
should've sticked with Kotori's route.

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