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Why fuck this anime looks like they forgot to turn AA on?
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Crunchyroll problem.
CrunchyRoll has no idea how to encode.
Its just the first one?

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These are your maids for tonight
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I don't like it when Saber sucks black cock.
[x] Rape
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I don't know where you get such submissive fantasies from

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Beet the Vandel Buster Chapter 52
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I thought it was cute and pure, straightforward story but excellent execution.
The song itself was a 8,6/10.
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Porter Robinson and Madeon are both musical gods and their music is like the whispers of sweet nothings to my ears.
Only the end with the father really hit me, could be a dog in the spaceship and i would still be crying like a bitch. Music was generic edm, but i dont listen to it generally so it was a nice change for me. Animation was top notch too, A-1 at its best so there is not much to complain about on that front. What i didnt really like was the first half of the song, it didnt really have much going on for it other than a pretty girl and was looking more like an entry for animators expo.

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Why is so much stuff these days light novel trash? What happened to the more artistic branch of anime?
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No one understands me hikikomori bullshit + ripping off every sci-fi movie and TV show at the time is barely what I would call artistic
Easier to make an adaptation of a successful series with an already existing fanbase than experiment with original ideas that usually bomb.
Please stop, it was surreal, not artistic.

What the fuck is this guy's problem?
Someone please tell me he gets killed
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Sexual frustration. Imagine being partied with her and so close to that luscious ass all day but you don't ever get to plow it.
You might get to plow it if you stopped being a shitter and actually learned how to fight

>Trickster - 04 [720p]

Why are you not watching AOTY?
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But I am. Homolust on the same level as Yuri on Ice!, I'm telling you.
I'm excited for this case. I liked how they closed the episode.
OP out by the way.
It's some nice light crap to watch during meals or whatever, but its far from the top 10 or 20 of the year.

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mikoto at her best.jpg
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Spoilers tonight right?
I think Scavenger is going to BTFO and Mikoto is going to trash the robot

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With the light novel being renewed, when can we expect the inevitable season 3?
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God I fucking hope so hard it happens.

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Legato Bluesummers.jpg
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Let's post pictures of some badass hombres.

I'll start with one of the best, Legato Bluesummers.

>in a smooth, flowing manner, without breaks between notes.

Maaannnn..... Even his name is fucking boss.
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Here is the original personification of a MAN
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Let's add some color into the mix.

Something's bad gonna happen right

This is gonna be another Madoka Magica or YYY all over again
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nope, just kill la kill all over again
I actually want this to happen and can see it coming. There is something off about how little we know and small things like Coconas grandma and that brain in that robot.
This unfortunately.

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Gonna dump the new 502nd 4-koma if anyone's interested.
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All these top-tier character designs wasted in a hentai.
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They're not so great.
Besides, what do you mean wasted? It's the opposite.
I know that some fucking retard would bump this /h/ thread because the mods don't do their job.
Don't be mean.
I would have posted way earlier but my internet wasn't working. Good thing I fixed it just in time, eh?

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How many times have you fapped to her?
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I've fapped to Leone more, Esdeath needs some good doujins.

>Dat doujin where Leone and Tatsumi fuck in the sauna

Zero. Make it one.
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Probably around the 20-30 times area

Anime severely lacks dominant girls. If I want submissive girls I can pick from gorillions of porn, VNs and doujins. But femdom is a barren wasteland in Japan.

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ITT: Anime you always assumed was absolute shit but after watching it's actually good.

pic related
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Kirino is a miracle of the universe.
This is a Kirino thread now since work safe requests belong on the work safe request board.

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