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Where's the thread?
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People actually watch this gay as fuck show besides me?

This season is so much better than the last. Tiger boy was lame as shit.
Terrible show.
Was episode 16 the one where the kids got party van'd? Or did I somehow miss a week?

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How did you feel about this film?

Forget about the other two segments from Memories.
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I barely remember the plot but I remember it was fucking amazing, I love Katsuhiro Otomo
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it's super neato. Great visuals, and it also has two things about it that are super rare in anime:
-it has a German, adult protagonist
-it's a haunted house story that's played entirely straight.

Although, a guy told me that it was like Presence but better. I watched it expecting it to be like Presence but better, and was disappointed in that regard. Because it's not like Presence, and it's not better.
It was pretty awesome

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Why are you baiting so hard OP. This is one of the few manga that can never be outdone by an adaptation because Miura exploited the medium so well.

though I think the trilogy Eclipse was an even stronger experience than in the manga

Also finally finished this fucking hat. That back part, jesus. How do yall think it looks?
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OPM's probs the best example of that kind of shit.

Why is ONE so shit?
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Wait, your dad is that filthy nippon that's running 4chan into the ground? Fuck you OP, and fuck your dad.

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Unit 03 was Tojis sister
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>Touji's sister was unit 03
How did they go from walking in the door to hard ramming in less time than it took him to run up to the window?
this makes me irrationally angry

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Time for another catch up thread. And SYD tomorrow as usual
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Time to do an Imouto or 2.



"Onii-chan, I'm gonna do some stretches, so help me out"

One two
Three four

"Your body's really flexible"
"I'm stiff so I'm jealous of you"

"You'll get flexible if you let it out. Your thing as well"
"Look. We're not talking about a part of the body here"
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Comic 1

"You guys, your faces are so sloven"
"It's hot"

"Girls you see"
"always prize their smile the most"

"Showing an embarrassed expression is great"
"But ecstatic faces drowning in pleasure are also great"
"You're saying that with quite a proud expression""

Comic 2
The after effects of summer vacation

"...and because of that..."

"Kanami's passing out"
"It sure is hard to get used to this lifestyle on the first day"

"...and so that's how it goes"

"This girl's making a pass at something"
"What was she doing over summer break"
I upgraded your Suzu, why don't we talk how much better she is now?

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is there a drug that accelerates a lolis aging?
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>accelerates a lolis aging

Why would you do that?
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No, but there is a way to remove one of the lobes of the brain to halt it altogether and get an eternal loli.
Sledgehammer however seems to have been the wrong tool for preforming lobotomies sadly.

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rei HOTD.jpg
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Jesus Fuck, what a bitch. I mean I can get not being perfect under pressure and I can understand being emotional towards a loved one in a crisis but goddamn if you're gonna scream at the other characters to leave someone to die then you had best give them a better explanation than "You'll regret this" because as far as they know he's just some dude.

OH and there where like 6 other people with him who didn't do shit so yeah fuck you for wanting to damn them too.
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>what a bitch
That's why I like her though.

well you're welcome to her.
that's why she was so hot

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ma peche

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Who is your favorite Kyoani girl? Mine is Kobayashi-san, dragon maid.
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generic kyoani gorl #134323
the dull one who makes cute sounds
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I love the redheads

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Holy fuck, I wasn't expecting that.

How did Hayamin do it lads?
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Hatoko a shit.
That and Ayase are her only good roles.
It's called being a seiyuu. Most seiyuu go to a seiyuu school.

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stupid sexy saitama.png
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can saitama have sex without killing his partner?
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As long as he doesn't donkey punch her why would he?
If anything he'll cum in one thrust
Yes. Source: Doujins

What's up with anime soundtracks of the last 5 years? Most of them don't have a memorable score. It's all just generic strings nowadays. What happened to unique music that stuck out? Dandy is one of the very few recent anime to have memorable music, and that's because it was made by a lot of old school people.
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cheaper and easier to just throw some shit at a wall and pay for animation/voice acting.
Literally nothing wrong with OSTs in the past 5 years. Watch more anime, retard.
You just have to dig to find the good ones. Unless you're some kind if nostalgia fag then nothing will please you.

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Don't mind me, on my way to kill gobs on page 10.
Where's chapter 6 though?
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Buy Yen Press already you fucking NEET.
Dude, just let him go to page 10.
new chapter when

Would you eat her chocolate?
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I'd eat her everything.
Even her hand?
Only if she drinks my milk.

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Who was in the wrong?
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