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Regardless of gender, this creature is so cute.
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Would not shake around
No, the girl should have been the MC's daughterfu

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We need a Goblin Slayer thread
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Well, go ahead then, tell me all about it.
>goblin slayer general
No wonder these threads have become so cancerous. The other one isn't even dead yet.
Tell me about it.
There's always this one anon who keeps bumping whenever the thread going to be drowned. It's like he didn't even care about anything and his only purpose in life is bumping goblin slayer thread.

He doesn't let any GS thread goes drowned.
He's Bump Slayer.

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Parting Gift / Hanamuke from Monogatari Series

And of course also Secret Base from AnoHana:
I like that song

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OP/ED you sing along every time


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None because I don't speak Japanese, doy.

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What is it about Chitose that makes everyone lust over her?
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Her similarity to 3DPD.

So /a/ is all talk when they said they prefer 2D over 3D, unlike me.
/a/ is the most normalfag board on 4chan.
/a/ might be the most underage board but the most normie board is /ck/.

This is your swim team for tonight
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When I am through with them, they will be swimming alright...
Can I enter Keijo if I identify as female?
I want Nozomi to vacuum my dick into her butt.

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I want to marry Renge, how would I go about doing this?
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She's too young to legally marry. Run far, far away with her, away from the judgemental society that won't acknowledge or allow your love.
Kidnap her and move to the Middle East/Africa.
You need her parents' approval first of all, and I'm not giving it to you

Holy shit what a cunt.

Liking her is just a meme right?
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Best girl won.
I dunno. Can't make it past episode 8.
>Liking her is just a meme right?
Actually, hating her is a meme

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Chapter 6 of EDGE is finally out
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Is chapter 6 the latest chapter released or is it just the latest one translated?
>guy trying to survive against all ods

Get back to /v/
Deus Ex Machina of pulling any convenient crap out of the MC's ass: The Series.
A shit series regardless of how people will try to defend saying,
> It doesn't take itself seriously.
Never should this argument be used. It does not excuse bullshit.

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In 500 years will this be the world equivalent Shakespeare

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assuming it's finished by then

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You do realize that in terms of pure storytelling Shakespeare was nothing special (half the time he was on the payroll of the Tudors to make other dynasties and/or the French look like shit) and the only reason the English speaking world remembers him as the gr8st poet evar is precisely because of his use of the English language, right? Some even go as far as to say he invented 10,000 new words (though to be fair, most of those words were most likely already in use at the time or lifted from other languages). On top of that, you have to keep in mind that prior to Shakespeare the English language had close to no literary or poetic tradition, as the English upper class preferred to use French.

Berserk will become the Japanese equivalent of Shakespeare once it transforms the poetic use of the Japanese language forever. I'll eat a broom once that happens.

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ITT scenes that brought you respect back for a character
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I never lost respect for hopeman in the first place.
Me too

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You you, a watching know this show is a like iting on a fancey restaurant: You great atmoshere and musque, but the disses all weird and convoluted and you dont want to look supine so you pretend a undastud them and when diss finally order you see it not what you esceptations instead rather scherowl and daint of contants.

I mean wreally, maybe you to help but for me simply Lost.


The Cats Pyjamas. Why was the ponitificace of their wares? Did a wymbolize a charchaete in any to way? She might Well have gone without it any Cats Pyjamas at all if not a purpose.

The Psuche Chileans. Why they for what reason did even have a relevants to the sot?

Why they whole History Channel episode At All?

Why she main character Lain KILL the NiGHTS? To me symuche with a murderedess? But I wont.

Why Sesterial Aldogenitor become emboned with mental abscess and ET bone home?

Sepakre to that, why ET Alien ware the Chischan sweater? And why ETA actually MCL?

Why MIB hut to Lain but not Chace the ETA?

Alisu She is a Pevetr who does not Realize sins of lasviciousness? Is really acceptable to Show Her Harrass and dehumanialize poor teacher though her tthoughs?

For Why was Jesus brought Back to Life if only to Die once More at hands of MCL?

Who was the FATHER?

Why She Lain become God being a Sinner?

Am sorry too, but just this one has to come off the cest: Does She Is Anischeral?

Thost and Heleph?
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>ET bone home?
for two weeks now htis AYYL MAO this
Fuck Off Autisits
this makes me feels like i'm having a stroke

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it's unnerving how few romance series don't involve teenagers or take place in a school.
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It's really not. Also, Golden Boy was terrible.
Is the manga worth reading?
People tend to write what's familiar to them.

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Anime when?
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I haven't seen the live action, is it good? That actress is cute.
don't expect too much, but generally it ok, lean to good ok, but not expect too much

It feel more like drama, in a good way, not normal drama... but normal...

Just watch it

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Who is the best JoJo and why?
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Personally, Jonathan. I found his simple yet heroic characteristics refreshing. If you disagree I fully respect your decision to do so.
>tfw you will never be like Jonathan
Most relatable with the strongest character arc
2nd is Johnny for similar reasons

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