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Name a better semen demon.
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>this thread again

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I still can't believe that against all odds, this is happening.
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let there be redemption for frogbro, please
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Let there be more Benten.
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More best girl please.

Why are the rebuild films so hated?
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member berries
They aren't; only the last one is with the 14 year time-skip shit and no explanation for things like Mari and why did 14 years happen.
They feel lacking compared to the depth of the series and their only saving grace is ramped up spectacle, which isn't what Evangelion was about.

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Would you please stop sexualizing Asuka?
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I love how no one ever just discusses the core plot of Evangelion. Really telling isn't it?
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>I love how no one ever just discusses the core plot of Evangelion.
On what planet are you living?
u w0t m8
It's all a bunch of angst and halfassed judeochristian symbolism.

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Chapter 116 when?
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Reminder that Rui is the authors self insert therefore Sasuga Kei wants to be forcibly impregnated by a strong alpha gaijin
>this guy posting the same shit every thread
So do I.

Well, except genocide I guess
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The only good bug is a dead bug.
But she stopped the genocide.
Oh, is this thread again

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I already like it, though. You can stop.
I want to fuck that fish.

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Why are scanlated manga like this?
Replacing the Japanese words with translated words.

Why don't manga get translated the way an anime gets subbed instead of dubbed?
That way readers can experience Japanese, the translated words can go in the gaps between panels or just make a new area at the bottom of the image or something.
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just read the raws and the scanlated version at the same time if it matters to you

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Paying respects to the greatest studio in modern Japanese animation?

I'm mad. Really mad.

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This is my loli.
Please post yours
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cute rika.jpg
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This is my loli.
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She's the one that turned me into a lolicon.
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>posting low res Sakura
That's why she chose me, losers.

Will anime finally be saved?

Also post your favourite OPs and EDs.

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>Will anime finally be saved?
No, LoGH sucks and it's extremely overrated here on /a/, mostly by newfags who want to ``fit in'' by using the old meme of LoGH vs moe.
Will Yuki Kaiji voiced Reinhard?
more importantly, will Wakamoto voice Reuenthal?

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Up to how many anime do you watch at the same time?
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Just one. It's much harder to get invested in a series when watching more than one at a time.
I have only one monitor, so never more than 4. I don't want to downscale anything.
Max 2.

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>the girl in the main cast is voiced by Saori Hayami
Is anyone else tired of hearing her in every single fucking anime nowadays?
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once upon a time it was Megumi Hayashibara, or Yui Horie, or Miyuki Sawachiro, or whoever was the flavor of the time

deal with it
That's not even fucking KanaHana or Sawashiro

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Protect my smile Miuna!
Smile protection was canceled this week.

Or everyone committed suicide.
Next Monday is Halloween. I hope they don't forget to celebrate their goddess on such an occasion.

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New Samon chap
Raw, of course
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Samon & Nebiros: Superstar Saga

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