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Why was Lance n' Masques such a great show?
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I can't believe that show had NTR in it.

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Why was he so obsessed with a trading card game? Why are everyone in his universe obsessed with a trading card game?
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because it's anime?
Because it became an ad to the real card game
>Duel Monsters is supposed to be an extremely popular game
>The three best duelists in the world all go to the same highschool in Japan

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Do you take her hand?
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No, I'd grab her by the pussy.
No, she's probably grabbed pussy with it
No, I'm a pussy.

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/a/ in a nutshell.
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......except they're good looking and fashionable??????
Not true. I've also seen dragon ball and naruto.
Me on the right

Why does Subaru slobber over some half breed elf, when best girl is throwing herself at him?
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At least he could fuck her, then just kill himself after and pretend it didn't happen
That way he gets both.
She has shit hair

This got recommended to me in one of those "Whatever anime gets posted below yours, you have to watch the whole thing" threads way back in May, and I just finished the last 3 episodes.

I'm making this thread to say THANKS ANON!

What an incredible ride that was. At times very lighthearted, but with an overall very tragic tone right through to the end.

This show is a true masterpiece.

Galaxy Express 999 thread
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Dropped somewhere around episode 20. It was cringeworthy.
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Oh, I feel so sorry, underaged "ELITIST" friend.

I love dumb girl
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only in 2D. You wouldn't want dumbshit in 3DPD
Seems like a bitch. What does she keep hitting people?
Dunno man, I know this guy whose GF is as cute as she is dumb, and she's got a box of rocks for a brain. Happiest, longest-term couple I've ever known. It actually seems pretty alright.

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This manga is tanking so fucking bad.

How did it go from being so great to absolute shit? Will the current shitty arc ever end?
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Lack of ideas + becoming bored of the manga.
The author did get tired of it but it still gives him money so he keeps doing it
Hiramoto overestimated his writing skills
he thought overstretching for 3++ chapter the equivalent of pre-namek chapter plot was a good idea
before entering this eternal limbo, every single chapter ended in a great cliffhanger that makes you want for more, now cliffhangers barely have any impact or makes you craving for next chapter

also art took a huge nose drive

blame Akuma Blues
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Are they still not done with the competition arc? Is the vice pres still fucking retarded?

Post VAs you want to see not only get a career-ending injury, but get the kind of injury that would affect them for the rest of their lives.
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you are not a good person
Beware of your edge, you're gonna cut yourself.

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On the front page!!!
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Fake Tessa is fake and lesbian
I don't really understand what you are trying to do here.
chiaka posting and tessaposting have alligned to form chaikarossa posting

Last thread >>149182626

Let's keep talking about Haruhi.
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Don't backlink on /a/.
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For what purpose?
>123 replies

You couldn't even keep that thread active what makes you think you need another?

It's been 5 years since Madoka deconstructed anime. At long last, an anime has come along that WILL reconstruct anime.

That anime is Flip Flappers.
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Madoka is vastly overrated garbage and the whole deconstruction thing is a meme
False flaggers please go.
reconstruct THIS
*unzips dick*

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why is cirno in this show
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Dumb streamfag.
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try asking /jp/

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Once again you have underestimated the power of a true Saiyan warrior!
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You mean Goku?
This is one scene that I can't get people saying is better with the original audio. The Faulconer music makes this so much more exciting.
Shitposting and falseflagging.

People enjoy the original more for their own reasons while you like the Faulconer version for your own.

You better not be falseflagging

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Goku wins.
But could he defeat Uchiha Madara?
Honestly, no.
Saitama can't punch Madara, and Madara has genjutsu. Madara wins 100% of their matches.

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