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Why did such an anticipated and hyped franchise movie flop so bad?
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Because it was split in three parts.
But Madoka was split and that made fuckton of money.
Did Madoka have as much content as Kizu in every individual movie?

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when's Imaishi announcing the mecha anime?
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Hopefully soon, I've been starved for good mecha and TTGL is GOOD mecha. Fingers crossed it's on that level as opposed to his other recent projects.
I liked Luluco and KLK tho
I love TTGL and Kill la Kill but I don't really have much confidence in Hiroyuki Imaishi. The quality of his projects oscillates between great and shit.

>Great: TTGL
>Shit: Panty & Stocking
>Great: Kill la Kill
>Shit: Ninja Slayer

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What is the third best anime of this year behind #1 Hibike! Euphonium and #2 Flying Witch?
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Best: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Second best: Yuri on Ice
Hola reddit.

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say something good about this series
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It's not as popular as it used to be.
Naruto and co. are ass
It had a good start.

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>10 years old
>not a kissless faggot anymore
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If I was able to live my 10 years for other twenty years,I wouldn't be one anymore too
stop spamming
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What's an example of yandere done right?
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your love for starting truly awful threads
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god I want to fuck her so hard and marry her so we can do it every single night for hours on end

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>will never have a boss this hot
>this sexual
>who'll step all over you when she gets angry
>and will totally let you grope her without resistance when the need arises to defend her from a bad situation
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S-Stop. I fapped too often to her already. Ehh, who am I kidding.
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Tell me more
>that nip pinch
Picked up.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the official Frid/a/y night Osu! threadAll /a/ lobbies will have the password "rage" and can be found by simply typing "/a/" in the multiplayer search bar. Please make sure to choose songs accordingly to the lobby's prescribed difficulty.You can now download Osu! completely free on the homepage: https://osu.ppy.sh/ We also have an IRC channel that anyone is more than welcome to join. It is found on the Rizon server. Channel name is #osubantz.
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Anyone playing m/a/nia? I'm too much of a pleb to play standard.
Can you imagine how boring this game would be without Cookiezi? All top level plays would be DT. Everyone would think HR plays on anything remotely difficult would be impossible.

Just imagine. An overweighted DT TV Size would be the top play right now. This would be considered the highest skilled play in osu history.

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Yasumi Matsuno = directed and wrote Final Fantasy Tactics

松野 泰己
@auauanow サマンサ(吉田談) ローゼンクランツ(松野談) フェイトのパクリと言われているアグリアスww(吉田談)

FFTは97年、Fate/stay nightは04年と発売年がまったく違うんですよ。
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Everyone and their mother knew Saber was a Agrias ripoff.

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Unless Matsuno makes a new FFT or a new SRPG, this is barely thread worthy shit.
OP is a faggot as usual.
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>it's true

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Walk the path of explosions with me
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I'd explode in you if you catch my drift.
Please explain.
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Anyone still keeping up with T7? Dumping latest chapter raw. I promise it will be super lewd.
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What is the best time loop story?
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>this thread again
Anon turn off your PC and go outside pls.
hakomari or beautiful dreamer

Think of a shonen anime

Which character had the best fights?
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This series is comfy as fuck
Why does it get no love?
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Too fucking normy
Too old.
old and gay as fuck
anime for grandpas

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This guy replaces Saitama in OPM. What happens?
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He'll be S class rank 1 and stop any threats including Boros.

Yamcha is really that strong huh. Is he stronger than Saitama?
Even by powerscaling we don't even know. The fighters have all been getting stronger but side characters like Yamcha don't get any impressive feats because lack of screentime.

And the OPM verse isn't really all that impressive, it's lacking in feats compared to the top tier anime series.

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