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The digital version of this week's Weekly Shonen Chanpion was just ripped, so finally here's the latest chapter of Jitsu wa Watashi Wa!
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Fucking Shima.
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>#1 in the Box Office for 9 weeks straight
>Earns 16.41 Billion Yen to Surpass Miyazaki's Ponyo and James Cameron's Avatar
>Now projected to gross over 20 Billion Yen

My God, this movie's gonna beat Spirited Away at the rate it's going.
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Are there any reviews by reputable film critics? I can only find reviews by random bloggers. Is it a good film?
It won't reach Spirited Away. Spirited Away made 30 Billion. This will most likely halt the last week of November at 21 Bil. Still a fucking huge blockbuster.

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Those girls. Those bikes. Those songs. Those moments. That genki.

Why did this show have to suck?
Truly the stupid man's Bakuon
I hope everyone's hibikeeping it real

also blue hearts are comfy

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I have to write an essay about why people like Moe. Why do you freaks like Moe?
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It's cute.
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cute girls doing cute stuff.jpg
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This picture sums my thoughts pretty well.

The whole term refers to almost unrealistic levels of cuteness and innocense, with a possible hint of mild erotic undertones.
If something's considered "moe", it usually sets the character between the "I want to marry her!" and "I want to protect her!" categories.
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Why is Futaba so shit? she ruined the whole episode.

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Can anyone make a full scans of the Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt Animation Artworks book and load it up on g.e-hentai.org?
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Everybody needed to see the full scans of the book.
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So do you have this book or not?

you want /r/.. If I wasnt so lazy I would post the scans I have

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Are breast haters getting out of hand? At least two oppai hate threads going on at the same time now.

This calls for an anime titty thread. Post the most tit anime.
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The only thing I'm kind of disappointed by is the fact that cowtits faction lacks a great slogan.

Flatfags have the brilliant and simple, "Flat is Justice!"
That slogan is bullshit and you know it

Not to mention they didn't create it, they had to have an anime hand it to them. Still it sounds like a losers cry regardless. You're lesser so you convince everyone that you're really the one winning by attributing meaningless words like justice.
I may know that it is BS, but the real question is, "Do THEY realize that "FLAT isn't JUSTICE!"?

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Would you?
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Best girl
She's an eyesore and very unfunny.
perfect foil to alium, kys

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>implying it's not just a ruse
What?is he a traitor
The mama obviously played them like a fiddle.

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Are big titties getting out of hand?
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I'd like to get a hand on them
Our hands need to evolve and get bigger.
Sena's tits are just perfect size

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Do you enjoy forced dramas?

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What does natural drama look like anyway?
All drama in anime is forced faggot, the writers can't write it on accident.
Sometimes I wish people who evidently can't use a real image editing program were banned from posting on /a/.

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How did we go from this...
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to this?
My mom abused me when I was little.
Sensei was pretty hot. Love that hairstyle.

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Based sempai won Haruka's heart and got her pregnant, right?
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This shit peaked at senpai arc.
Amen, brother

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>she's now fuckable in Mugen

Thank you Jesus
Why are her feetsies so small?
because she is small

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Best girls of the current season
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>trying to get us to agree without first paying us

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Do catgirls have human ears too? Are you okay with it? Whether yes or no, it seems gross:

A) human head completely smooth and featureless on the sides, nothing to even sit eyeglasses on
B) human head with two sets of (functional?) ears

I'm onboard with genetic engineering for domestic catgirls but only once this dilemma is solved.
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where else would kittens come from?
Personally I'm more of a ''two sets but only cat ears work'' kind of guy
Schrodinger's ears. The ears are both there and not there until observed.

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