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Boring , let's see the raw of this first chapter .It's in the same serialization round with Ryoko.
The author is known for Hajimete no aku
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Yuno is getting married!
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We've been married for a while
>no doujins of her

Profound Sadness
Eh? Where is the fat man?

Quick, Yuno! We have to find him! He cannot miss this wedding!

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I am of the opinion that the three episode rule is bullshit, and that a show should hit the ground running with a strong first episode instead of spreading things out.

With that in mind, post some S-tier first episodes, irregardless of what the rest of the series is like. I'll start with a meme one so nobody else has to worry about taking the heat for it.
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Galilei Donna tricked me with a fun first episode. Gave up halfway through.
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Here's a fine example of how to do a whole season wrong.
Episode 1 of Rolling Girls.

Rest of the series notwithstanding.

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ITT: Overrated shirt
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More like browner than shit

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Was it autism?
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It was bullshit that Takane's imouto lost because the author decided to suddenly write a FUCK YOU ending that just trashed all the build-up with senpai.
Wait, who won?

What makes Slice of Life the best anime genre?
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Little expectations.
Romantic Teasing.
Vicarious living.

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>CGI is future of anime they said
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>Not like CGI
No one said the future will be good.
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A matter of budget.

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Why do you love Hnk? how did you get into it?
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I do. Don't even remember how but I really like the 80's vibe and the underlying message.
>brotherly love
>raoh is a badass
>even his horse is a badass
>juuza is even more badass than raoh
It could have been so much more

but no

he had to be forced into recycling the first arc

It could have been perfect. At least the author tried hard at the end
I watched it when I was a kid, I liked it but my mom didn't. One day I got really sick while I was watching an episode and my kid brain made the association HnK = bad and I stopped watching.

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What is the all time cutest character?

Yui for me.
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You're waifu (whoever she may be) is objectively the cutest.
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Kyubey will forever be the cutest anime character.
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Do you still remember us, /a/?
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Slut, used goods and what is she even doing here?
>what is she even doing here
Hearing confessions.

Has this show had a lasting impact on any of you? Did it make you want to become the best at something? Be it boxing, programming, running, sports, hell even competitive gaming? Share your stories.

As an anime with no supernatural or magic references the show does a fantastic job of reeling the audience in with superb character development and story telling, not to mention the fights are spot on.
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I actually really wanted to get into boxing when I was younger. I never had the courage to actually sign up though. I always thought I was too small and I'd just be a punching bag for a bunch of guys that wouldn't give a shit about me. After a friend exposed me to this anime I suddenly had a bout of courage and actually joined a boxing gym. Now of course I wasn't anything like Ippo but I tried my god damn best to keep that fighting spirit up. Over and over again I failed but not once did I give up. Fast forward a few years and I'm still not the best but now I can actually win fights and the people at the gym are now my friends, hell, family almost. I'm thankful this anime exists just because it gave me that little push to peruse something I thought was completely ridiculous for someone with my body shape at the time.
>Has this show had a lasting impact on any of you?
No, I'm not 12 so this mediocrity had absolutely no impact on me.
>no pew pew lazes
>no big titty fan service

Y wud any1 watch this z-tier trash is beyond me senpai

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>Kumiko is the best MC of the 2010s
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literally who
Maybe not the best one, but she's definitely up there.

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This is the peak of anime. Prove me wrong.

Protip: you can't
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Was the butcher secretly cucking you the entire time?
Can't. And don't want to.
>it's not anime
>it's all cgi
>it's a video game
>it's a porn video game
>it's about 5 minutes in length
>no anal

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does he get to live with his waifu for eternity at the end? i'm confused....
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what is the correct answer

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This is your wingman (wingwoman, winggirl, whatever) for this evening's operation
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