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onepunchman fubuki1.jpg
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Damn Son.
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>that left leg
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> Fubuki is his pin up girl and he draws her whenever he can for this kind of stuffs
> When Tats rarely appears it's in doodle form

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does ONE update the OPM webcomic or has he just dropped it and focused on the manga?
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He was distraught with what muratas fillershit has become and dropped it for good.
He realized Murata has better writing skills than him when he read the Tournament arc by Murata.

nice double-bait, anon

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Blank Banshee - MEGA - cover.png
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You can have ONE artist work on a certain anime's OST.

Which ones?
>Blank Banshee (check out "Web Ring")
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stop trying to force vapormeme on cyberpunk or anime stuff
Did you even listen to Web Ring? That song is MADE for this.
>Nytt Land
>Little People
a CGDCT anime about life on a coastal resort
>Massive Attack
Black Jack
>Aphex Twin
Flip Flappers
>Boards of Canada

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Which one do you consider best and why?

1997 anime series, golden age arc, or the 2016 series
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Berserk 1997 fucked me up. The movies didn't have the same effect. I remember thinking the score was better in the animated series, and that really made a difference during the eclipse.
1997 obviously left out virtually nothing compared to the movies, but had terrible fucking animation. Still frames everywhere basically kill any attempts at a rewatch for me.

Things I really liked from the movies were the action sequences, aside from shaky bits in the first movie (it improved even within the movie, compare the Bazuso fight to later ones). The 100 man slayer scene was great, aside from the weirdly thin face of guts when 3d rendered compared to the drawn shots of him. I also really liked how they made griffith look/feel in the movies.

The 2016 series got better with time aside from a few slip ups, it was great watching scenes that were basically frame-for-frame from the manga (such as the torture chamber). The 3d animation was disgusting though for pretty much every character aside from Puck who somehow managed to look great throughout the entire thing
The movies

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baby dont.png
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I wanna know what love is, anon.
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Lovely Complex
It taught me that love is complex.
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First you need a wise magical negro to come into your life...
I prefer moe wiccans.

>turning down this qt3.14 girl
Are you fucking kidding me? I'd say yes if I had the chance.
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who are you quoting?
And that's why no girl will ever confess to you in the first place.
It applies to all of us here.

What does /a/ think of Zechs Marquise?
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Cheap Char clone, terrible character, vile traitor that got away with everything because he's dumb bitch peace princess's retarded brother. Wing missed out on being the Gundam of the century with its wishy-washiness when it comes to the Peacecrafts: neither of them should have survived the series.
Respectable Char clone, interesting character, masterful pilot that got one of the best-designed Gundams (Epyon) because he's the coolest character in the show besides Duo. Wing missed out on being the Gundam of the century with its inability to focus on actual interesting characters like Zechs, Treize, Quatre, and Duo; instead too much focus was placed on boring losers like Trowa, Wufei, and Heero.


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This is your best friend for tonight.
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This thread has nobody in it. The same amount of friends that Kushieda Minori has after the events of Toradora.
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214 32543543543543.jpg
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great, thanks for throwing me a bad curveball there!

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Best (4).png
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Anyone else reading this series? I love it so far because it has some of the best character progression I've seen since Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer.

Not to mention, Cat Girl is the best

Also, next chapter when?
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>some of the best character progression I've seen since Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer
Read more manga.
The only other one I can name is Shut Hell and I've read tons of series.

They all just seem like bland boring shit though
>Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer.
that manga isn't that good
also cat is cute

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How about an Akari thread
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Is this the lewd Akari thread?
What do you want to talk about?
If you have nothing to talk about >>>/c/

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Did /a/ like ReLife?
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I like your cock
it was a good manga adaption but mediocre. worst part was the jazz player. best part was the ending music changing. completely skippable

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images (55).jpg
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You wouldn't have the balls to wear this
>she sees your dick
What a slut.

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>watch Mob Psycho 100's first episodes
>get to experience its gimmick
>it's fun to watch, well animated and engaging
>next episodes are SoL
>it's coherent with the theme of growing up, lacks harem shit and some parts are actually pretty funny
>i'm willing to see the rest of the show and keep up with the manga

>Re:Zero first episodes
>plain artstyle and CGI
>get to experience its gimmick
>hell yeah time loop, my favourite
>underwhelming use of it (it's okay, we're just at the beginning of the show)
>next episodes are SoL
>harem shit with the only purpose to stretch out the pace even more
>drop that shit as fast as possible

Be honest and tell me if I'm really missing out something worth my time (which it's worth nothing btw)
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Mob is mediocre. Re:Zero is garbage. Now go back to wherever you came from.
Well you did prove my point in a way, i guess
Re:Zero > any anime out there.

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>6 years ago
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Honestly feels longer
Feels like I'm knockin' on Heaven's door.
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>15 years ago

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magical girls=Madoka
moe/slice of life=???
collectible monsters=???
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moe/slice of life = 4chan
Poketo Monsuta.
>moe/slice of life=???
K-ON! or Lucky Star

>collectible monsters=???

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