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Rate my taste in anime and mange, /a/.

My favorites are

Ergo Proxy
Ichigo 100%
Welcome to the NHK

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Hi Pewdiepie.
Anyway, 8/10.
back to YouTube.

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Another spinoff project will be announced at Tamashii Nation
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I will wait for Saga Saga Saga.
>more Gold Saint wanking

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Why are JC lolis the best?
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They just are.
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walls are spurdo.png
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I miss them so much. Please no more delays!
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Incompetent studios are moe, anon. You have to embrace it.
Just read the manga, it's far superior to the worst adaption of the year
I am reading it. I'm just finished vol. 2.

Based Nemurin putting bitches in their place even after death.
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Nemurin Beam!
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it's "bibibibibi" newfag.
Nemurin sure is a little cunt.

I can believe that she planned that from the beginning.

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I wish there was more anime ancient Greece/Rome.

A fantasy anime set in ancient Greece, or a show about cute cladiators doing gladiator things could work too.
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i like Civilazation games in anime format

I'd like to see more cyberpunk or futuristic animu.

Things like Cowboy Bebop where space travel and spaceships. It's no big deal if you crash your spaceship, you just repair it like you would change a tire or fix the engine on your car on the side of the road
fish people civilization would be cool.

Or a spook horror about a diving expedition - getting stuck in a submerged city.

Don't think I've seen anything of the sort ever done anywhere in japanimoos

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What would you do in this situation?
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Banishment this warudo and summon the most powerfup magic in the universe to slay this harlot queen
I'd finger a goat's pussy
Nothing because she's a cartoon and therefore not sentient and no sentient man can do anything to her.

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What would it feel like to shove your dick between these lips?
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lips on my dick
Fuck, she was a great mum stuck in a bad show.

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You are a cartoon.
That's very wrong.
I wasn't going to ask about that. I was going to ask: What's wrong with your nose?

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Was he truly a stud?

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Which is worse?
>"muh artform" fags who think anime should relly maek them thonk but just blindly follow the advice of mainstream critics, and don't realize that even the smartest artiest anime are still pretty dumb. Claim to love old-school anime but have only watched a small handful of 90s series/films that were aired on TV and dismiss the rest of retro anime as exploitation garbage when they're actually the same shit as what they revere.
>faux-elitist moeshit addicts who know deep down that they have bad taste, but still cling to it out of sheer spite against everyone else. Berate everyone who isn't a hardcore otaku like themselves, but refuse to watch anything older than Evangelion because it won't be as moe as their favorite shows, while simultaneously claiming that otaku-pandering was just as strong 30 years ago as it is now.
>full-blown millenial plebs from reddit and tumblr who fucking love JoJo, KlK and anything that gets hyped a lot by crunchyroll and don't know about the shitloads of other similar series. Do a lot of retarded fanart and lame cosplay. This generation's narutards, basically.
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I pick OP. He is the worst.
You, posting shit.

Why the fuck does this generic trash get good reviews? I mean holy shit. It never gets good. N E V E R! I tried to stay with it, but I can't, I have to drop this generic trash that has no payoff whatsoever. I think this shit is even worse than Suzuka.

Explain what makes this shit good /a/!
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Personal opinions, just because you have shit taste doesn't mean everyone does.
I liked it at first but it never really goes anywhere and same old gags over and over.
Ah, I see you're one of this faggots that actually enjoy these time wasters. I almost pity you, anon.

Hi /a/ so I made the mistake of binging on Prison School and I'd like to share my thoughts about myself and of it. I would be lying if I said I didn't get hooked and enjoyed myself, with all the humor, wild takes on social life, and artstyle, but I found that I am a lightweight at ecchi and that my tastes in 2D women have... changed.

>found VP Meiko nasty from the start to finish, didn't even get a hard-on at her, not once all that profuse sweating, the unrealistic clothing choice inside a school... even her regression to a childlike state didn't do anything for me
>Chiyomi was cute from the start, but got boring as time passed
>Felt mostly nothing from President Mari, Anzu, or any of the other main chicks MOSTLY nothing because Mari's lezzing with Kate got to me good
>Hana though. Hana is the best girl in the series, and is the reason for being pic related on this thread

Also why is the author dragging the absolute hell out of the cavalry arc, those last few chapters kept on frustrating me real bad
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Nah you fucked up. Get out.
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The shitting arc made me laugh uncontrollably which never before happened to me while reading a manga.


also great source for reaction faces. Artstyle is overall amazing
You know what, I'm perfectly fine with where the anime ended. Bitches get their royal comeuppance was cathartic. But I've heard the mange tries to 'redeem' the bitches because they are worse characters in the official stundent council or something. Fuck that.

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Clock cleavage.jpg
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You're going to watch my spinoff aren't you anon?
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No. 3DPD.
Isn't Kurumi the only girl that doesn't love Shidou?
sure I'll just set my alarm for it.
First you'll have to do something for me.

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>Draw a loli
>Make her old

Why is this allowed?
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Because it works
Shit lolis
She is just a short milf

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