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Season 3 soon?
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Crossing the steel beam and the needle under the fingernail parts made me very uncomfortable.
>They haven't forgotten.
It's time my boys. Also this sounds like it'll be fun.
Will there be VR rock paper scissors and being thrown naked into a dark room?

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What's with /a/ denouncing every new anime that is a light novel adaptation?

Do you think you're too intelligent for those type of anime now?
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Enough is enough.

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Fuck you, I came buckets watching this fight

"How to piss off how /a/ with one anime screenshot" thread.
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I want a mum to fob off her Miyakoshi off to me for marriage.
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Is this spin off by the original working creator?
You will have to eat her cooking until the day you die
> tfw no mother will ever try to pawn her retarded daughter off on you.

Why live

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actual faggot.jpg
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>be an animu babby
>get introduced to something other than Naruto
>Start appreciating nip toons and their originality
>Anon, you are getting into anime you should try this
>First 12 episodes are great
>Fantasy., powerclimbing, succesful lovestory, intriquite plot
>turn into literal faires
>turn mc into a literal trap
>degenerate plot in every concievable way
>this is somehow allowed
I like /a/, and lurking teaches me alot, but usually i disregard your oppinions on "if its popular i must hate it" topics.
Buth this time you were right. God damn.
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bump for feedbacl
Trap Kirito was the best part, though.
Go back to >>>/b/ and stay there

>Kugimiya Rie
It's been awhile since I last heard her voice. I'm saddened that she is fading from anime. I want a resurgence of Rie typecasting.
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And I want more Tanaka Rie~
Was she from Time of Eve?
Kugimiya does basically every loli in shadowverse

This boy is dressed like a girl
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Lurking this thread.
No anon, you seem to be mixed up. That's a girl someone drew and then they later decided to call it a boy because money.
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Potato peel.jpg
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New chapter is out.
Loli peeling potatoes.
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Children should not be put to work at that age.
Medieval time period, labor laws don't exist yet.
She's eight I believe?

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Finally got around to watching Jin-Roh
It was cheesy as fuck, they really shoved the Red Riding Hood motif down your throat with no restraint, but I still enjoyed it.
I wish the protagonist spoke a bit more but I guess it makes sense for him to not because of the plot twist.
Anyone want to share their thoughts on JR or has it already been discussed enough?
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I get the ending that they went with I am still mad though. and I think even if he spoke more i t wont change the fact that he was always conflicted on it.
The kiss scene honestly made me cry.
The soundtrack at times started to sound like Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber. Absolutely moving.
I got the impression it was written for a play or something similar, I was only watching it for the fascist death squads tearing shit up and associated political or philosophical commentary but instead all I got was a boring and uninteresting tragedy with five minutes of decent violence. It would definitely be better as a live action theatre or cinema.

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>another VA's dead
What the fuck is going on
Well at least he didn't die young
1979-2005 on one role. He lived his career fuller than I've ever been alive.

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Just about every show has reached its 3rd episode by now.

So, what have you dropped?

What are you considering dropping?

And what's become the anime that gets you through each week?
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Only dropped Occultic 9 and Girlish Number. The latter mostly because of subs. I still want to pick it back up.

Season's been pretty solid, otherwise. Not much of the stuff I've picked up have been worth dropping. Some have even been better than expected.
I haven't even picked up anything. What's even airing?
Dropped: Hibike

Rin has big feet!
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Forced perspective? Maybe exaggeration to catch your eye? Where's the artist to explain it?
fuck off circlejerk

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doujin when.png
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Speculation thread

What will happen to Casca? Will she finally be healed or something worse?
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new chapter when
>go to Casca's innermost depths
Griffith's already been there and done that.

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Flourishing thread.
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Actually, does anyone think the way chapter 150 ends might be somewhat ominous? The presentation is rather convenient in the way it pairs the subjects and the regular kids, and we already know that this is the final "regular" term before the exams. I'm tempted to say that this means the next arc the manga's about to tackle is either the beginning of the end (which might be too early unless it gets hyperdark), or we're going back to Yoake's not-yet-fully-explored issues.

For the sake of ReLIFE's pacing and the tone set by the post-S1 chapters, I hope it still has to do with the main duo, but given how casually Hishiro was willing to let Kaizaki's false explanation slide, I'm fairly sure we need something more before diving into the depths of Kaizaki's mind again (which is almost certainly going to require Hishiro snapping him out of it).

There was another person who reminded me that two new names were introduced during this arc and that Asaji hasn't had an arc of his own yet, so maybe we could still get a break from the main characters by focusing on him for a while, but that'd be too slow and unnecessary for me.
Need to read 149-150
It's a bit of a meh conclusion to the end of this arc, but it is what it is.

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